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William Bergin hits Rock Bottom (More Sordid Details on Killer Cop's Night Out)

Last week, Portland Indymedia ran an article detailing the curious downfall of officer William Bergin, the cop who tortured and shot Fouad Kaady to death. Bergin, it seems, was arrested almost a year ago, after drunkenly menacing his former girlfriend at around 3 in the morning on March 8, 2007. I want to make it clear that this incident was a serious one, especially given Bergin's record as a killer. I would like to know why this man is still working as an officer of the law. More than that, I want to use Bergin's own testimony to point out that there is a culture of violence, cover-up and dishonesty in the Sandy PD that bears looking into, especially if one is interested in justice for the many people who have suffered violence and injustices at the hands of Sandy police officers and been ignored. So this week, I am going to quote liberally from the Sherwood police report describing his arrest and subsequent behavior and statements to the police.
Stop me before I kill again
Stop me before I kill again
On March 8, 2007, Sherwood police officers Newton and Johnson arrived at the home of Bergin's ex-girlfriend (whose name I will not share) to find Bergin just disappearing into the garage and closing the door behind himself. His ex-girlfriend was still inside the home, and was on the phone with police dispatch, asking if it was safe for her to come out. She said she would meet the officers at her front door. The officers told her to come on out. When she did so, the report notes, "She was crying and her hands were shaking." She did not know why Bergin was there, and said that she was uncomfortable having him there. Officers Newton and Johnson asked if she could let them into the garage so that they could talk to Bergin. Here is an excerpt from the police report:

"When I opened the door to the garage, I noticed a male on his knees picking at the door lock with a screwdriver. Immediately, I saw that his eyes were red, watery, glassy, and his face was flushed. There was also a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his person. The male, who was identified as William Bergin looked up at Officer Johnson and I and said, 'Oh shit.' When Mr. Bergin tried to stand up he fell forward and I had to take hold of his arm and help him up."

The report goes on to note that Bergin was swaying, his speech was slurred, and he was "having a hard time maintaining his balance." Here is another passage from the very long police report:

"I asked Mr. Bergin how much he had to drink tonight. He told me that he would just leave. He then started to walk out of the garage. As he started to walk out of the garage he lost his balance and started to fall to the left. He reached out his hand and I was able to catch him and keep him from falling to the ground. I helped him walk the rest of the way out of the garage by holding on to his right arm. Once we were outside he stumbled in front of his car and had to grab onto his car to regain his balance."

After this, officers asked Bergin how much he had to drink. He initially said he had had "a few drinks" at Kel's, and (appropriately enough) at Rock Bottom. He admitted to driving from downtown Portland out to his ex-girlfriend's Sherwood home. When the police asked him how long he had been at his girlfriend's house, he initially said 10 or 15 minutes, which matched what his girlfriend had told them. However, as you will see, his story changes as officers begin asking more questions. He was asked whether he had anything to drink after he got to her house. According to the report:

"He paused for a second and said, 'Um, yeah, I had two or three beers in the garage.' I asked him if he was being honest. He said, 'I am a cop, I know what's going on.' I asked him if he could show me where he put the beer cans of the beers [sic] that he just drank. He told me that they are somewhere in the garage and that he had a ton of beer cans in there. I asked him again how long he had been here and drank the beers. He told me that he has been here for about 45 minutes. I explained to him that he just told me that he has been here for 10-15 minutes. He said, 'No, I have been here.' He then asked if he could call a friend to come get him. His speech at this time was very slurred and hard to understand."

It is interesting to note that, as drunk as he was, Bergin was still about as adept as ever at covering up for himself. Because, in the above exchange, it is clear that he understands that the Sherwood officers are asking him whether he had anything to drink after arriving at his girlfriend's house in order to establish that he was driving drunk. "I'm a cop, I know what's going on," he said. And then he told them he had been drinking after he stopped driving, so that he could claim he was sober when he was driving. But he's as transparently bad at his lies while drunk as he is when sober. Because he was apparently unable to produce any empty beer cans. The officer's report continues:

"I told him that I was just doing my job and had to ask him these questions. I then asked him not to lie to me and to be honest with me about drinking. He told me that he is a cop and was sorry. I asked him again if he drank anything since he arrived here. He said, 'No, I have not had anything to drink here.' I asked him why he lied to me. He told me that he was a cop and knew the routine. As we were talking, Mr. Burgin [sic] seem to be having severe mood swings. He would be talking with me one minute and then the next minute he would be crying and mumbling to the point where I had to keep asking him to calm down because I was unable to understand anything he was saying."

Again, Bergin tells the officers that he is a cop and "knew the routine," and he appears to be explaining that this is why he lied. In other words, he knows what kind of evidence can be used against him, so he is carefully trying to tamper with that evidence. He is lying in order to cover up after himself, after doing something that he knows was wrong. This is a very interesting revelation, given the wild discrepancies between Mr. Bergin's story about what happened to Fouad Kaady and the stories of the many witnesses to that shooting. Was he lying to protect himself then, too? I have always believed so, given the overwhelming evidence in that case. But the corporate media just took his word for it all. Will they be able to do so now? Now that he's admitted that he fabricates evidence to protect himself?

But back to the report. Bergin then refuses to take any sobriety tests. Not only does he refuse initial field sobriety tests, but he later admits that he is stalling, in the hope that he might sober up before they are able to detect the amount of alcohol in his system. Again, to quote the report:

"I asked Mr. Burgin [sic] if he would be willing to perform some voluntary field sobriety tests. Mr. Burgin, 'No, I am a cop and I am not doing test.' He then started crying and told me that he is a cop and he shot someone. I informed him that I could imagine he is having a hard time, but I had to do my job."

I do not know what to make of Bergin's statement about shooting "someone." A skeptical part of me is angry that he would try to use the murder of Fouad Kaady to get off the hook like this. It's beyond grotesque that this murderer could attempt to use his victim in such a disgustingly self-serving manner. On the other hand, if he really is suffering as a result of the shooting, then perhaps he does have the kernel of a soul after all. This shooting SHOULD bother him. It should be destroying him. He tortured a bleeding accident victim, and then shot him to death for no reason. Afterward, he lied about the incident, and made the victim out to be some sort of "monster" who deserved the killing. This SHOULD hurt. It's hurt everyone else in the community -- particularly Mr. Kaady's family, I would think -- so he should be feeling this pain with every fiber of his being.

If he really is feeling this, and not merely using the shooting to invoke sympathy and get him off the hook, then perhaps there is hope of some salvation for him after all. It will not come easy, and it will not come soon. It will certainly not come without a lot of work on his part. As a comment below the previous story on this subject suggested, he will need to take responsibility for what he did before he can ever hope for any kind of forgiveness from this community, or from himself. And he will need to get rid of the badge. He is clearly neither capable nor deserving of holding a position of authority -- much less a gun -- over other people. His behavior and his words indicate someone who has a lot of power issues. He should never be in a position to hold power over other people again. But, if he really is suffering, perhaps he is less of a monster than his original behavior would appear, and more of a human being who has done a very bad thing and knows he must atone for it. One would think that this atonement would take some other form than drinking himself into a stupor and terrorizing women, though.....

Returning to the report, Officer Newton asks Bergin numerous times if he will take a sobriety test, and Bergin refuses each time. Officer Newton then attempted to read Bergin the "SFST Revised Admonishment" (in other words, explaining that he needs to take the test or face arrest). Bergin interrupted to remind the officer, yet again, that he's a cop and knows all this stuff, and no, no test. At that point, according to the report, "He then stumbled forward and fell back against his car. I noticed that at this time he appeared to be having a hard time holding his eyes open." Bergin was then placed under arrest at 3:41am."

When they arrived at the police station, Bergin lost his balance as he was stumbling out of the police car. According to Newton, "He had a hard time maintaining his balance and could barely walk." Again, this is a man who just drove himself, in a large, red, SUV (a Chevy blazer), all the way from downtown Portland out to Sherwood.

Once inside the police station, officers attempted to check the level of alcohol in Bergin's system using the sci-fi sounding "Intoxilizer 8000 internal clock." However, Bergin said that he wanted to talk to his lawyer, and that he would take twenty minutes to do so. He was given a telephone and left alone to make his call. And here, things get strange. To quote the report:

"At about 4:20am, Officer Johnson contacted me and asked me if Mr. Burgin was making phone calls. I told him that he was in the holding cell talking with his lawyer. Officer Johnson informed me that [ex girlfriend's name] just ran up to him and that Bill was calling her from the police phone. He told me that she reported that he left her a voice message saying that when he is released he is going to put a bullet in his head. At that time dispatch also called me and informed me that [ex girlfriend's name] called them and reported that her ex-boyfriend was calling repeatedly from 503-625-5522, which is the department's number. Dispatched [sic] informed me that he was threatening to hurt himself."

So Bergin, given the opportunity to call a lawyer, chose to call and harass his former girlfriend instead. He then lies about it. Newton's report goes on:

"I went back into the holding cell and asked Mr. Bergin what he was doing. He told me that he was trying to call a lawyer. I informed him that I knew he was calling his ex-girlfriend. He asked me if I was monitoring his phone calls. I told him that the other Officer was still at his ex-girlfriend's house. He told me that he called her once. I asked him why he would call her when I advised him to only call a lawyer. He told me that he had to talk with her. I asked him why he was threatening to hurt himself. He told me that he did not and said that he was sorry. I told him that this time was given to him to call a lawyer and that what he was doing was inappropriate. He again said he was sorry and asked if he could try two more calls to contact a lawyer. I told him that I would allow him five more minutes to contact a lawyer. A few minutes later he waved me back into the room and said that he was done. He said that he was able to talk with a lawyer and that he would take the breath test."

It is worth noting, again, that Bergin appears to be very comfortable with lying to cover up for himself. It is also important to acknowledge that his threat to "put a bullet in his head" is a classic ploy used by perpetrators of domestic violence. Men who want to control women often threaten to kill themselves in order to manipulate their victims. As a former domestic violence counselor, I can say with some confidence that this is generally regarded as a very dangerous symptom among perpetrators. When a woman takes control over her life by ending a relationship with an abuser, it can be a very dangerous time for her. Abusive males seek to hold power over their victims, and can become very manipulative, and often very enraged, when they see that power slipping away from them. Murder-suicides are more common at this time. (See, for example,  link to www.ilrctbay.com.)

Bergin obfuscates some more at the police department, telling officers that he only drank two beers at Kel's and two beers at Rock Bottom, between 9pm and 3am. He continues to stall, trying to sober up before a sobriety test can be performed. Again, quoting from the report:

"I asked him why he lied to me about drinking after he drove to his ex's house. He told me that he was sorry and that he will blame it on nerves. I also asked him if he was on any medications. He told me that he took one 100mg Trazadone and one 10mg Celexa. He also said that he is on Wellbutrin, but did not take any today. I asked him if he was supposed to mix alcohol with the medication. He told me that he could have a few drinks, but not to many [sic]. I asked him when he took his medication. He told me that he took it 6-8 hours ago. I asked him how the medication makes him feel. He told me that the Celexa makes him really light headed. I asked him if he felt the effects of the alcohol tonight. He said, 'Nope.' I asked him if he was being honest with me. He said, 'Yup, I am being honest, I mean come on I have to try you can understand.' I asked him why he lied to me and called his girlfriend. He told me that he called his girlfriend and a union rep. He then said well the more time that goes by the better off I am. He then asked me what I think he was going to blow. I informed him that I felt he had too much to drink. He said, 'O it has been a lot of time, so who knows I could blow under a .08%.' He then said, 'I'm around a .09 or .10 I bet.'"

So again, we can see that Bergin is playing the system, angling around to escape responsibility for the crime he knows he has committed. He admits that he has been stalling for time, and that he thinks he may have stalled long enough to beat the DUI charges. Although he stalled until after 4:30am, however, his ploy did not work. At 4:50am, his blood alcohol content was recorded at .12%. Newton notes, "As the breath test was printing, Mr. Bergin just kept saying "fuck, well good thing for diversion." In other words, still angling to avoid any consequences for his actions.

Finally, according to Newton's report:

"As I was completing the paperwork for Mr. Bergin asked me if I could just take him to Detox [sic]. He said that he has pulled over plenty of drunken cops and has given them a ride home. I informed him that I had to do my job and that Detox was not an option, he was already arrested. He told me that in Sandy it is still the 'good old boy' system and he could just go to Detox or home. I informed him that I had a job to do and it was nothing personal. He told me that he understood and apologized for trying to mess with me. He told me that it was at least worth a shot."

I actually find this to be the most revealing statement in the entire report. It's not that those of us who paid any attention to the abuses going on out in Sandy did not already know that there is a very serious "good old boy" problem going on out there. But to have it spoken aloud, by the biggest old boy himself, that's quite a confession. It blows apart any plausible deniability that the Sandy city government may have claimed.

I take no joy in pointing out this man's obvious personal pathologies. If he were an ordinary private citizen who did not carry a gun and a badge, who had not already tortured and killed an unarmed accident victim for no apparent reason, then I would leave him to his own implosion. But he is not an ordinary private citizen. He is a police officer, with power over the people of Sandy. Power that he is prone to mis-using. He has killed someone, and he got away with it. And then, the corporate media took his word for gospel when he lied and obfuscated about what really happened. They let him define who Fouad Kaady had been. They let him portray his innocent victim as a "monster," as a drug addict, as a freak. These are labels that did not fit Fouad Kaady, but they do fit Mr. Bergin. And where is the corporate media now? Are they so willing to drag a man's name through the mud, so long as he is "just an ordinary guy," and yet so unwilling to tarnish the good name of an officer of the law, no matter how ill-suited that good name may be? Why? Who do they work for?

The problems in Sandy go much deeper than this one man, and the public should know this. As Bergin himself has stated, there is a "good old boy system" in Sandy, that has caused immeasurable suffering for the people of that town. The Fouad Kaady murder has helped to bring this nest of nasties to light, but Mr. Kaady was not their only victim. For years, the people of Sandy have been telling horrific tales of racism, abuse, persecution, and cover-up. And for just as long, they have been ignored. Carlos Rubio and his family were hounded by police until they feared for their very lives. Carlos was falsely arrested, and then disappeared shortly after police threatened him in front of his family. He was later found dead under very mysterious circumstances. Juan Rubio, Carlos's father, who surely had already lost enough at the hands of the Sandy police, was then hounded by officers as well. He was threatened and called racist names, and when he demanded accountability from Chief Harold Skelton, Skelton had him arrested. So Mr. Bergin is not an isolated individual. He is one small bacteria in an oozing petri dish of disease. And it is time for some disinfectant.

I encourage anyone who would like to independently verify the facts in this article to contact the Sherwood police and ask for a copy of the paperwork involved with Case #07240403. You may reach the Sherwood police dept here:

Address: 20495 SW Borchers Dr. Sherwood, OR 97140
Business Hours: M-F 8:00AM - 5:00PM (503)625-5523
After Hours & Holidays: (503)629-0111

You may also wish to call the Sandy PD. The Sandy police are a little more difficult to reach, and a lot more dangerous. So be intrepid, and be careful. This is their contact info:

Business hours: 8am-6pm Monday-Friday, office number 503-668-5566
38970 Proctor Blvd., Sandy, Oregon 97055
FAX 503-668-4093

According to the police report, however, Mr. Bergin can be reached at 503-668-9186. So this might be a more direct line, should anyone care to get a comment from him personally.

If anyone can reach Mr. Skelton, the Sandy police chief, to see how he can justify keeping this disturbed and violent man on the police force, I would be very interested to hear what he has to say. Please feel free to become the media, and post what you find out here. It's going to take a lot of us, working together, to find out what's really going on over in the Sandy police dept, and to shake that old boy system apart.

Sherwood cops deserve thanks 05.Feb.2008 12:38

anonymous or made up

It might be a good idea to thank the staff of the Sherwood police dept, if and when you call, for doing their jobs in an even-handed manner. Bergin can be thankful that they did not deal with him the way he dealt with Kaady. And the rest of us can be thankful that they did not just give him a quiet ride home, the way Bergin says he would do for a fellow cop.

I understand there is some sort of code among officers, whereby they are expected to cover up after each other. They can take a lot of flack, if I understand right, for being honest about the crimes of a fellow officer. They could have helped Bergin cover this all up, as would have happened out in Sandy. But they did not. They let him know they had to do their jobs, and they included all of this information in the arrest report. (It may be that there was even more that did not get into the report. Who knows.)

I think it would be good to reinforce this kind of positive behavior, where cops do not let each other off the hook just because they are wearing badges. It's not fair for the rest of us to be treated one way, and cops to be treated another. I would much rather see accolades go to officers who protect us from killers like Bergin, than seeing medals and Top Cop honors given to officers whose only distinguishing characteristic is that they killed people. Unarmed people, at that.

Some pictures of Bergin 05.Feb.2008 16:56

People's Committee to Investigate the Sandy PD

Here are a couple of pics of the killer.
William Bergin on the day he shot Fouad Kaady
William Bergin on the day he shot Fouad Kaady
The gun he keeps in his boot (another from the day he shot Fouad Kaady)
The gun he keeps in his boot (another from the day he shot Fouad Kaady)

Some related documents 05.Feb.2008 20:08

People's Committee to Investigate the Sandy PD

Here is the original citation, and pages 1 and 2 of his guilty plea in a Washington County courtroom.
Guilty Plea Page 1
Guilty Plea Page 1
Guilty plea, pg 2, with signature
Guilty plea, pg 2, with signature
DUI citation
DUI citation

More documents 05.Feb.2008 20:13


Diversion eligibility form, and my personal favorite: A court order stating, "For work purposes only: Def[endant] is allowed to touch/possess alcohol and controlled substances." (Because, after all, what's the fun of being a cop if you can't be touching and possessing alcohol and controlled substances?)
Diversion eligibility
Diversion eligibility
Drugs and alcohol integral to police work
Drugs and alcohol integral to police work

Bergin's mug shot 06.Feb.2008 16:09

shifty character

Well, no one is at their best in a mug shot. ...but would you want this showing up at your house at 3 in the morning? Me neither.
Hey, Dad. I'm in Jail!
Hey, Dad. I'm in Jail!

weight loss 06.Feb.2008 16:50


Mr. Bergin seems to have lost some weight since killing Fouad Kaady.

too much 06.Feb.2008 18:21

duke of earl

I hope this story gets widely circulated. This lack of police accountability in Sandy is outrageous!

Great reporting, Cat 06.Feb.2008 18:51

Jody Paulson

The whole country should be talking about the outrageous and horrifying case of Fouad Kaady. How can Justice prevail when the mainstream media keeps turning a blind eye? When we become the media.

Thank you, Portland Indymedia, for keeping this story alive.

And one more gem 06.Feb.2008 19:19

Lew Nassa

The brilliant paragon of law enforcement supervision, that jackass that arrested Juan Rubio, the moron with a cop shop, CHIEF Skelton, named our boy Billy to be the Field Training Officer in Sandy. Even without all of the crap he has pulled, there is NO way that a three year veteran is qualified to train police cadets, let alone his fellow police officers. A three year fuckup is not qualified to teach marbles to second graders.

Great work Cat! 07.Feb.2008 11:59

Madam Hatter

My old computer finally gave up the ghost several months ago and so I've been out of the loop for awhile. And, truth be told, taking a break from the internet - and the too often heart wrenching news we find there - was good for my mental health. [I've long ago given up on the corporate media for anything but shits and giggles.]

But I couldn't avoid picking up this week's copy of the Sandy Post when I saw Bill Bergin's mug shots and the giant headline "Sandy officer's DUII arrest surfaces" above the fold on the first page. And after reading editor and staff writer Marcus Hathcock's pathetic excuse for objective reporting, as well as the accompanying editorial piece (expressing the views of the Post's editorial board, which I assume Hathcock, as editor, is a part of?), I knew I had to get reconnected to my beloved IndyMedia. I knew, without looking and without a doubt, that this story had not only been broken here first, but reported here better and more completely. I was not disappointed.

Kudos, once again and as always, Cat, for these fantastic articles. And thank you so much for providing us with not only the whole story, but your insightful and - I feel - spot-on comments. (The same goes for all those posting comments [Hi L & O!] and additional info as well.) Cat, it's no news to any of your many fans that your talent, skills - and yes - heart, put supposed "professionals" like Hathcock and other corporate media shills to shame. [Or it would if they had enough sense!]

I won't dwell on the details of the Post's shoddy and lopsided reporting here. Nor will I comment too much on the obvious (to me, anyway) impropriety of the lack of separation between the news and editorial functions of our local rag. That more properly belongs perhaps in its own piece under "Media Criticism," and maybe I'll do just that. But suffice to say the Post has again, just as Cat wrote above, taken the cops' and the city's word as gospel and have allowed them to define not only who Fouad Kaady was, but who Bergin is. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, he is repeatedly referred to as a "decent cop;" a "good cop" who [merely] "messed up."

Most telling perhaps, is the Post's decision to not allow reader comments on this story and not post this week's editorial online as is custom. Another front page article about a private citizen who killed someone as a result of DUII allows comments. Not to be paranoid or anything Marcus dear, but why can't concerned citizens express their opinions anonymously on this topic, as you and your "editorial board" have done? Why is dissent - and opposing opinion - always so effectively quashed at the Post when it comes to the police and the city? Apparently "[r]eader response, disagreeing or otherwise, is CORDIALLY invited" only if accompanied by one's full name, home address, phone number and e-mail address. So much for free speech and an objective press.

In the end, both the article and the editorial finish up lamely with the ever-reassuring opinion of both our local "journalists" and (I believe, co-defendant in the Kaady case) Mayor Linda Malone that "time will tell if Bergin's decision to stay on the force, or Skelton's decision to keep him there, was the right one."

TIME WILL TELL??!! I feel safer already.

Let's just hope and pray that it doesn't take another senseless murder by cop to prove them wrong.

Comments there now! 07.Feb.2008 12:05


Before I wrote my remark, comments were not allowed on the Bergin story on the Post website. After posting I flipped back there, and they are now allowing them. Hopefully they will allow them to remain and not pull them like they've done on other stories re: cops.

Thank You Cat 07.Feb.2008 13:00

Rev. Elvis Foundation

Thank you Cat for your dilligence and good reporting. I dont know how this one managed to slip by our local cop-watchers. This needs to be front page news in the Post as well so that local citizens have the benefit of knowing that their is absolutly nothing a cop can do to get fired in Sandy.
Despite their efforts at propaganda to the contrary, this entire city has been revealed to be non-responsive, ir-responsible, and criminally negligent in their actions. It's not just Bill Bergin that must go.
Mayor Malone has been little more than a slimey politician whithout a backbone throughout this whole process and has steadily defended both Bergin and his boss Skelton when there was no justification for doing so. Both Malone and Skelton have betrayed the public trust and made efforts to conceal and coverup what a pathetic bunch of anti-social criminals make up the city police force. To make matters worse, now the city is practicing blatant nepitism with the approval of Mayor Malone by allowing Chief Skelton to bring his son onto the force.
Just a little side note here: The city of Sandy PD members belongs to a collective cop union and PAC known as Clackamas County Peace Officers Association. One of the things this cop union lobbies against is random drug testing, as well as any other practices that would lead to accountibility. The president of this cop union is none other than Clackamas County Sheriff's Detective, Steve Hyson. Steve himself was arrested in Vancouver WA. two weeks ago for domestic violence. Seems that he tryed to force feed his wife an orange. Anyone following these events throughout the last couple of years is left with the unmistakable truth that we are dealing with a extremely corrupt and dysfunctional culture of violence and that the bar for law-enforcement in Clackamas County is a few notches below the child molestor level.

Write to Sandy 07.Feb.2008 16:20


The Sandy Post ran a similar, though not nearly as damning, article yesterday. So far, the email comments seem to be all coming from fellow fascists, but I am sure that those who have secure email will want to add their own comments:  http://www.sandypost.com/news/story.php?story_id=120233526860660300

this story needs as wide a coverage as we can give it 07.Feb.2008 21:51

internet junkie

I see that slowly this story is making it's way across the internet and being picked up on other
news outlets. I saw it at Rumormill News Agency and have just e-mailed the fine folks at the
Unknown News organization ( http://www.unknownnews.org/) for their inclusion of this in their next
edition's weekly highlight of bad cops...the more exposure given to Sandy and their chickenshit
cops, the more likely change will be forthcoming or forced upon them...

So, everyone, let's band together and get the word out to every website that we can find that'll
accept repostings and alternative reporting...let's take down Skelton and his band of turds!

---- 08.Feb.2008 00:57


if you read this Officer Bergin, i have a suggestion. the only way back to any kind of normal life, and recovery, is to take responsibility for your actions. from there to dedicate yourself to making sure that officers to not kill and get away with it.

harassing the women you love will only bring you more suffering. more violence will bring you more suffering. do not harm ANYONE else. stop drinking.

you can have the love and trust of another human being again, but you have to start now to turn this around. you cannot do this as a police officer, but there are many other jobs out there.

being a cop is an identity, and that is a lot to loose. but you have nothing to loose in the real sense, and you can become a legitimately strong person, buy coming clean and understanding how it is that you came to be this far out of control. from there you can learn to have compassion for yourself. when you have compassion for yourself you will have compassion for other people and they will start to trust you again.

i suspect a lot of people are afraid of you, and afraid for you. i can imagine you are very confused and afraid yourself. you murdered someone. you are a human being and this is going to have a profound impact on you. please please, stop drinking. do not think that by scaring women that they will love you. they will not. be of value to the world. take responsibility for the murder of Fooad Kaady. apologize to his family, it will lift a million pounds off of your shoulders.

Coverage in Local Sandy Paper 08.Feb.2008 11:35

Ben Waiting

The front page of <on-line version> The Sandy Post is covering this issue

I thought it might interest readers who are following this to see the "towns newspaper" cover this


comment page is here:


Jerry Atlansky js@atlansky.com

Wednesday-February 13, 2008

By Jerry Atlansky

Not one law enforcement officer has been indicted by the Multnomah, County Grand Jury in Portland, Oregon for the use of Excessive Force. The average use of force as reported by Portland Police Bureau Officers is once every two hours, which are major facts that can't be disputed. Why have they had NO indictments against any officers?
1. The training at the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards & Training, DPSST have absolutely no specific Standards in place as we have advocated for two and a half years to protect the public from out of control cops when officers witness the excessive force.
2. DPSST has NO classroom/mock action situation training that has concise step by step of what officers are required to do when officers use Excessive Force.
3. There is absolutely NO private citizen oversight to suggest/require amendments to the Standards to give police cadets clear guidelines to follow to avoid use of Excessive Force nor to advocate for changes in the use of alternative supplies and equipment to deescalate stress risk situations.
4. All 18,000 law enforcement bureaus throughout the United States from federal to American Native officers have absolutely never had in place the three steps we propose below.

Associated Press Reported:

A class of Boise, Idaho 43 Police Academy Graduates trying to cause post traumatic stress disorder?
That's the message on the latest class's graduation programs and it's got leaders of the Idaho Police Center doing damage control. The program read, "Don't Suffer from PTSD, go out and cause it." End Of Article.....
Why are the police cadet graduates so fearless of retribution by the officials of the academy and the top cops that hired them throughout Idaho? All people in power complete loyalty is to the worst cops not the general public.

The over 150 years of police Code of Silence, Testilying, Brutality is condoned by the entire law enforcement community and top state officials throughout the United States of America.

This is the final determination of our private citizens oversight group called, Oregon State Police-Independent Citizens Review Board, Portland Oregon as six top cops, 3 top DPSST officials & 3 top state officials refuse to implement our program called, Truly Reforming Law Enforcement detailed as follows:

All Oregon Police Cadets shall upon completion of their training shall sign their names that they were fully trained, understand, agree with and will comply with the following critical factors:

1. Law enforcement supervisors and line officers are required to intervene when officers use excessive force and report the incident up the command.
2. When officers are repeatedly beating/kicking a restrained person all supervisors and line officers must stop the excessive force and arrest the offending officers.
3. If a person is not attacking anyone and an officer uses lethal force that causes death that is unjustifiable homicide.

Have you read the Oregon state wide newspaper article on Dec. 15, 2007 page C2 "woman sues for false arrest, battery?
One of the two officers charged in this law suit for alleged false arrest and excessive force filed against Portland Police Officer, Burton who was one of the officers who wrestled to subdue James Chasse Jr.. END OF ARTICLE...
Mr. Chasse died while in custody of the police from many broken ribs that caused internal bleeding as witnessed by two people that filed a formal complaint that excessive force was used by the police.

The Public get 25 years to life for unjustifiable homicide and out of control cops get time off with pay then they are ready to get out there and continue to bang heads.

We The Government, For The Government, is completely broken WE THE PEOPLE, will force change to protect all people. We have much more to inform the public to show the very sorry state we are in with our "Non Law Enforcement for our worst cops." Please stay tuned to the rest of the story........

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