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Climate Change & Justice Organizers crash Auto Show

On Friday night, just hours before critical mass visited the auto show, two climate change and social justice organizers entered the auto show with informational fliers and "Art not Oil" art in hand. Using guerilla media tactics, the two aimed to provide the opportunity for car makers and consumers alike to consider the true costs of oil.

One handout titled, "Buying a New Car: Safety Should be Your Number One Priority" listed the things that oil dependence endangers, including our economy, our environment, human rights, and national security. This handout was left on dash boards, in glove compartments, under visors and on the car floor, of almost all of the cars and trucks on the floor of the convention center.

The action was coordinated to call out the auto-makers for greenwashing, and put pressure on the companies for claiming to be green while they continue to produce loads of new gas-guzzlers and actively fight against government regulated fuel standards and other policies that would help fight climate change. This action was also part of Global Exchange's Freedom from Oil campaign, which also visited the LA and Detroit Auto Shows in recent months.
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