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Officer William Bergin: Killer, Liar, Perpetrator, Convicted Criminal

On March 8th, 2007, a year and a half after he gunned down Fouad Kaady in the streets of Sandy, officer William Bergin had another kind of showdown, in another kind of town... A town where police officers are not so quick on the trigger, and not so shy on the truth.
Case # 07240403
Case # 07240403
Bergin, a violent and angry man, showed up at the home of his former girlfriend, in the wee hours of the morning, around 3am. He was drunk, he was frightening, and he was despicable. His ex girlfriend was terrified. With a shaking voice, she called the Sherwood police in tears, requesting assistance. When the police arrived at her home, they found the drunk and belligerent Bergin, and arrested him. He was charged with DUI, and taken downtown. So far as I know, despite the presence of intoxicants in his system, and despite his bizarre behavior, no one tasered him, and no one shot him. Apparently, Sherwood is a more enlightened town than Sandy.

According to the police report detailing this disturbing event, Bergin initially refused to take a breath test to determine the alcohol content in his bloodstream. He was belligerent and non-cooperative with the Sherwood police, at one point demanding that they just let him go, just drop him off at detox. He told them that he has done that for other officers in his situation many times. (An interesting revelation, to be sure.) He also made it clear to them that, in Sandy, cops do not treat cops so shabbily, due to the "old boys" network that we've all suspected but never heard from the horses' mouth before. To their credit, the Sherwood officers informed him that, as this is not Sandy, they would be expected to actually do their jobs here.

Mr. Bergin demanded that he be allowed to call his attorney. He was given access to privacy and a telephone to make his one phone call, but he elected not to call an attorney. Instead, he called, of all people, his ex girlfriend. Yes, the very one whose home he was arrested in front of earlier in the night. He left a voice mail, thankfully, so that there is a record of the entire call. He told the woman that he hoped she was happy with herself, and that "I'm done." He said that this incident would mean the end of his career, that he would be fired, and again, "I'm done." (One would have thought so. But that's not how they do things out in Sandy. Not when you're a good ol' boy.) He then told her that, as soon as he gets out of jail, and as soon as he could get a gun in his hand, he intended to "put a bullet in my head."

But he did not lose his job, and he did not kill himself. Instead, Bergin's miraculously bullet-free head can still be seen, these days, propping up his police hat in the streets of Sandy. Because, despite his violent behavior, despite his inability to follow the laws he is supposed to be upholding, and despite Bergin's admission that he readily skirts the law according to who the perpetrator is, chief Harold Skelton thinks he's "the right stuff" for the Sandy PD. It cannot be argued that Skelton did not know about this incident. Because, while they were still holding Bergin in their jail, the Sherwood police department contacted the Sandy police department to let Sandy know that they had one of their "good ol' boys" in their pen. And it was Chief Skelton himself who returned the call. He actually had the nerve to ask for leniency for Bergin. He told them that Bergin was simply "going through a rough patch." He then told them, in order to plead his case, that Bergin had been having severe emotional difficulties ever since... a shooting incident.

In other words, for a year and a half after Bergin brutally tortured and then killed an unarmed, bleeding accident victim, he has been having "emotional problems." And Skelton, the chief of the Sandy police, knew of Bergin's mental health problems all that time. ...and he kept him armed and out on the streets of Sandy anyway.

Bergin's arrest happened just shy of a year ago. The Kaady killing was nearly two and a half years ago. And yet, Bergin has kept his job as a police officer. What can they be thinking out there? Is there nothing that the citizens of Sandy can do to protect themselves from such a violent and unstable man?

As I reported yesterday, domestic violence is an enormous problem among police officers. Sometimes, this epidemic of violence makes the news, as when Tacoma police chief David Brame shot his estranged wife and himself in front of their two small children in 2003. Usually, however, this abuse is shrouded in secrecy. As Bergin's abuse has been, until now.

Police officers who abuse their spouses and partners are an especially dangerous subset of the population, because they have the means to stalk, harass, and oppress their victims more than ordinary citizens. They have access to all the tools of law enforcement to intrude upon their victim's private lives, they have weapons, and they have friends who can help them evade responsibility for their actions. They have first-name relationships with judges, prosecutors, and fellow officers, and are often not held accountable for their abuse. It's been very difficult to get police officers to recognize domestic violence as a criminal matter at all. When the abuse involves a fellow officer, they are even less likely to consider the incident to be a crime, no matter how serious.

It's a very serious breach of the public trust when an officer who has been a perpetrator of domestic violence is allowed to continue to work in a position of authority, carrying a badge and a gun. How are we to expect him to react when he is expected to respond to a domestic violence call? Will he take the crime seriously? Or will he identify with the perpetrator?

It is also a serious breach of the public trust for an officer to treat defendants differently according to who they are, and who they know. Justice itself depends upon all people being treated equally in the eyes of the law. Bergin, in his drunken stupor, let it slip from his mouth that, in Sandy anyway, this is not how things work. One would hope that a revelation such as this one would lead to some house cleaning out there. (It's high time that Chief Skelton, and all his good ol' boys, be swept out of Dodge. If anyone is awake over at the Sandy city hall, one would think that some kind of action would be taken once this information reaches the public.)

But these revelations call into question more than just the character and judgment of officer Bergin or chief Skelton. They also call into question everything that Bergin said in his statement regarding the killing of Fouad Kaady. As damning as his own words were in that statement, it is clear that there is much more to that story than he was willing to tell. It's also pretty clear that, by his own admission, he is not above bending the law to protect fellow officers, and he expects his fellow officers to do the same for him. So the places where officer Bergin's and Deputy Willard's statements regarding the Kaady killing differ from the statements of the many witnesses to that event become even more suspect.

Arrest Record 02.Feb.2008 14:01


Below is a record of Mr. Bergin's arrest, as well as his guilty plea. I have deleted the home address and telephone number, as I believe that address is now the home of Mr. Bergin's former girlfriend. Other than that, all details are straight from Washington County. The case number on the record is a Washington County court case number. The Sherwood case number, should anyone feel inclined to request a copy of the arrest report (which is far more detailed, damning, and interesting than the record below) is #07240403.

Name : bergin william

Courts : Civil & Criminal Court(s)

Date Searched : 01/31/2008

Financial InformationJudgment Information

Display Remote Case Washington Co Circuit Court Status Diverted INAC
Case#...... D070963T Oregon State Of/Bergin William Jacob
Offense Misdemeanor - DUII - A/MIS
Case Filed Date..... 3/08/07 Starting Instrument.. Complaint
1st Appearance Date. 3/19/07 Origin............... Original filing
Ready For Trial..... Originating Agency... Sherwood Police
First Setting Date.. Originating Agency#.. 07-24-0403
Trial Scheduled Date Previous Court.......
Trial Start Date.... Previous Court Case#.
Length of Trial..... Previous Decision....
Disposition Date.... Master Case Number...
Final Order Date.... Relation to Master...
Reinstated Date..... Termination Stage....
Termination Type.....
Citation in Lieu#... 54767 Judgment Type........
District Attorney... 07-2327 Judgment Status......
Booking#............ 07-03584 Judgment Volume/Page.
___ ROLE______ PLAINTIFF_____________________ ATTORNEY______________________
1 Plaintiff Oregon State Of Smith Zoe Eliza
___ ROLE______ DEFENDANT____________________________________________________
1 Defendant........... Bergin William Jacob Birth Dt.. 5/24/81
Sex................. Male Hght/Wght. 602 190
Drivers License..... 9241016 OR Hair...... Brown
Phone#.............. [deleted] Eyes...... Brown
Control#............ 00000000 Race...... Caucasian
Address............. [deleted]
SHERWOOD OR 97140-8894
Booking#............ 07-03584 Arrest Dt. 3/08/07
___ CHARGING INSTRUMENT____________________________________________________
Complaint Date...... 3/08/07
Status.............. Date...... +
Count............... 1
1 ORS 8130104 DUII A/MIS
Eligibility......... Diversion Eligible
Status.............. Diverted Date...... 4/09/07
Incident Date....... 3/08/07
Date Charged/Issued. 3/08/07 Citation#. 54767
Current Plea........ 4/09/07 Plea Entry of Guilty Security..
Disposition......... Plate#.... VHH445
Charging Officer.... Newton Jason Bpst#..... 044041
1 Diversion Prog Date...... 4/09/07
Status.............. Date......
Diversion Program... 1 year(s)
Diversion Costs..... $100.00
Unitary Assessment.. $97.00
State Obligation.... $136.00 +
Intox Driver Fund... $25.00
Attorney Fees....... $50.00
Special Condition... 01 Wv Rights in Petition
02 Wv Former Jeopardy Rt
03 Attend Assessment
04 Pay Diversion Fees
05 Complete Treatment
06 Not Operate Vehicle
07 Attend Victims Panel
08 Report Address Changes
09 Ct Apptd Atty Fees
10 Evaluation w/WCES
11 May Travel Outside OR
___ ROLE______ OTHER PEOPLE__________________ ATTORNEY______________________
1 Reporter FTR Gold +
1 3/08/07 3/08/07 Complaint
DAT 2 Smith Zoe Eliza
3/08/07 Signed
2 3/09/07 3/09/07 Arraignment Scheduled 3/19/07 8:30 AM LEC1
3 3/09/07 3/09/07 Agreement Conditional Release
Related event # 2
4 3/19/07 3/19/07 Arraignment LEC1
DIVR 4-9 @ 9AM, ADV ATT,
DEF 1 Bergin William Jacob
RPT 1 FTR Gold
JUD 1 Knapp Rick
5 3/19/07 3/19/07 Count Arraigned
Charge # 1 +
6 3/19/07 3/19/07 Plea Entry of Not Guilty
Charge # 1
7 3/19/07 3/19/07 Removed Inactive Status
8 3/19/07 3/19/07 Order
FM ARR/ DIVR 4/9/07
3/19/07 Signed
JUD 1 Knapp Rick
Related event # 4
9 3/20/07 3/20/07 Petition Diversion Agreement
10 3/20/07 3/20/07 Hearing Diversion P Scheduled 4/09/07 9:01 AM 210C
11 4/09/07 4/09/07 Hearing Diversion Petition 210C
Adv. Aty.
DEF 1 Bergin William Jacob
RPT 1 FTR Gold +
DAT 3 Martin Nadya V
JUD 2 Upton Suzanne M
12 4/09/07 4/09/07 Plea Entry of Guilty
Charge # 1
13 4/09/07 4/09/07 Count Diverted
Charge # 1
14 4/09/07 4/09/07 Hearing Automatic R Scheduled 9/09/07 5:00 AM 210C
15 4/10/07 4/10/07 Order
4/09/07 Signed
JUD 2 Upton Suzanne M +
16 4/10/07 4/10/07 Petition Enter Guilty Plea
DEF 1 Bergin William Jacob
4/09/07 Signed
JUD 2 Upton Suzanne M
Charge # 1
17 4/11/07 4/11/07 Diversion Program
Charge# 1/Snt# 1
******** END OF DATA ********

Just one question remains. 02.Feb.2008 14:03

Kyle Iboshi

Was William Bergin on drugs?

If you know something, share it 02.Feb.2008 14:31

People's Commitee to Investigate the Sandy PD

If you or someone you know has been victimized by the Sandy police, please post your experiences here, or contact the Portland Indy Video Collective at  videoresistance@riseup.net.

This Sandy officer shot and killed Fouad Kaady, and then lied (badly) to cover it up. His "good old boys" closed ranks and helped him cover it up and fend off public outrage. Then, when he committed this crime in Sherwood, the CHIEF called to intervene on his behalf. There is a culture of violence and unaccountability in Sandy.

Sandy police officers harassed and terrorized the family of Carlos Rubio. They called Carlos and his father racist names, falsely arrested them, threatened them, and made their lives hell. Then, one night, a short time after telling the Rubios that they would "not like what's gonna happen to you," Carlos Rubio disappeared, never to be seen again alive. His body was discovered by a hunter, months later, in the woods above Sandy. The police said it was a "suicide," although there was no evidence on which to base such a conclusion.

These men are killers. They do not believe the laws that they are supposed to uphold apply to themselves. They have killed, lied, and gotten away with murder. They are, as Bergin himself said to stunned Sherwood officers, a nest of "good old boys." Right out of Deliverance. They should be approached only with the greatest caution, as they are armed and dangerous. And they need to be stopped.

Tell your story, and bring justice to the hills of Sandy.

crazy shit! 02.Feb.2008 14:50


Thank you, Cat, for unearthing this stuff. Crazy!

"Was Bergin on drugs?" 02.Feb.2008 18:32

Corporate Media

"The toxicology reports have not been made public."

Seriously. Ask yourself whose side the corporate media is really on, when they helped the police to smear the name of this man's innocent victim, and then they failed to uncover this story. How can they not have known? Don't they have reporters with regular beats at the courthouse and the jails? They must: Every time a private citizen does something wrong (particularly when it has to do with redistribution of wealth), they wind up on Fox 12's Most Wanted or some other corporate vigilante segment. And yet, this story never appeared in the corporate media.

This is quite a bombshell! This killer cop from a notoriously violent and controversial department, commits a crime, abuses a woman, goes to jail, and then tells everyone ON THE RECORD that the department where he comes from is a good old boys club where police officers break laws and never punish each other, but only the citizens who pay their salaries. His chief calls to get him off the hook, tells the cops of Sherwood that he's mentally ill and has been for at least 2 years now. The cop says that as soon as he gets a gun he's going to "put a bullet in my head." And... as soon as he gets out, they put a gun back in his hand and a badge back in his chest. Not news? Are you kidding???

How is that the corporate media isn't jumping on such a story? If all they really cared about was sensationalism, they would have this all over the headlines. But they don't. Ask yourself why.

This story broke here, in Portland Indymedia. And days later, still no other "news" source in town has picked up the story. Again, ask yourself why.

Who do they work for?

For days on end, we listened to the smear campaign against Fouad Kaady. Even after toxicology tests proved that Kaady was NOT "on really bad drugs" as Bergin had claimed, the corporate media was still tossing out innuendos that implied that he was: "Was he on drugs?"

Who CARED? An unarmed man was tortured and killed by the police. Why was that the only question they were asking? And why did they keep asking it even after they knew otherwise? And why, now that a real story has emerged, are they not telling it??? Why aren't they bothering to ask why William Bergin still has a job on a police force??? WHY?

What do we care more about? Do we care more whether or not victims of police violence were "on drugs"? Or do we care more about the fact that police are killing unarmed people and getting away with it? Maybe, it might be important for us to know when a police officer, paid to uphold the law, and allowed to carry a gun and wield authority over us, is an abusive, drunken, violent, mentally ill CRIMINAL counting on the good old boys to keep him in uniform even when he's clearly dangerous. One would think.

If you ever had any question about where to go for the "real" news, this should answer those questions. The corporate media is not real news. They are not informative, they are not accurate, they are not objective. They are liars. And they work for the police state.

Skeltons 03.Feb.2008 06:57

a sandy resident

I do have dirt on Skelton's family of a known in-family cover up, that was a pretty big deal, not to mention sickening. So I can imagine what lengths Harold Skelton might go to protect his officers. It is a different situation involving his son, however it would have brought upon unwanted negative outlooks on him (his career) and his family so he kept quiet. I wont discuss what it is on here because its not something that needs to be broad casted, out of respect for his 6 or 7 kids whom I have personally known. I am friends with a kid who dated Harolds Daughter for 2 or 3 years. We all wanted to do something about it but we never mustered up the courage to do so. We were all still teenagers then.

If this information could possibly be of use to Peoples Investigation Committee please leave a message on here on how to contact you guys. It does relate to a crime.

thank you "Cat" for putting this out... 04.Feb.2008 00:37

Little Birdie 2

wow! Thanks Cat! This is heavy-duty stuff! Why didn't our mainstream media report this? I don't recall--and I would had it been--any word of this being reported in the local media.
Could have been, but it wasn't given much coverage if it really was. There is a lot to digest here and I shall put more time to it, as this case has intrigued me from the being as nothing about it made a bit of sense. Certainly not the actions of Bergin and his half-witted pal that did the killing. All I can say--and I've heard this said a lot by my many friends in Sandy and surrounding area--is that Bergin and the Skelton's sure seem like white trashy type of people
and it is beyond me why the citizens there put up with them? There is something evil running in
their blood and it'll only get worst if they're not stopped and removed from office forthwith!

As veils are being lifted all over this country and lies being revealed for what they were, I should imagine it won't be long till the TRUTH will come out and these turds will find JUSTICE
and it'll be a bitch too for these evil characters!

post-up 04.Feb.2008 12:09


I just called the Sandy Post. Looks like they're running something on Wednesday... the guy said he's been working on it for a couple weeks now.

Corporate media lies 04.Feb.2008 13:11


"the guy said he's been working on it for a couple weeks now"

Yeh. Suuure. ;-D

I will be good if this story does get out. But let's see what kind of spin the Sandy Post puts in it.

I can see this happening 05.Aug.2009 10:25

A Concerned Friend

I was a friend of Bill's a number of years ago. We stopped hanging out with him after an incident where he became very intoxicated and we asked the bartender to cut him off. He was quite angry that night and definitely not in control of himself but wasn't violent. I can see this sort of activity being done by him unfortunately as I knew he had already harassed a few women we were acquainted with. I can't comment on the shooting but was already concerned about him becoming a police officer back when he was looking to become one.