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School of the Americas Watch Teach-In & Report Back

Come participate in a community conversation about the School of the Americas. Learn about the history, hear from local activists, workers, and others involved in the movement to shut the school down. There will be a variety of Latin American Solidarity Programs present.
Event Flier
Event Flier
School of the Americas TEACH-IN Lyceum @ Concordia University

Now Mobilizing! Concordia University, 2811 NE Holman St Portland, OR 97211

Save the Date! Wednesday, 30 January 2008, 7pm

Room Location! Fine Arts Building

Come participate in an evening of stories of horror and redemption, struggle and hope. We are the Portland School of the Americas Watch group—people of faith, and people of conscience—committed to educating the masses, and ending tax-funded torture and the growing militaristic imperialism in Latin American countries. We'll be showing a short film about the history of the School of the Americas and the ever-strengthening movement to close it down.

Many Americans don't know about the school's existence, much less the infamous and dark shadow it has cast through its short history. Come hear from a variety of angles: how U.S. foreign policy has effected Latin American social movements, and stories about those personally affected by the implementation of what continues to be taught at the school. You'll hear from a prisoner of conscience who spent 6 months in a penitentiary for participating in non-violent action against these atrocities, and there will also be a few students and SOA Watch members sharing from their time at the yearly protest and vigil in Ft. Benning Georgia this last November. This is going to be a round-table evening, so we want you to come prepared to participate in discussion, share your own unique perspectives, fears, questions, and come away changed, with a new vision and hope for the possibility of being a part of creating the change we desire to see in the world.

Most of all we want you to be equipped with the correct knowledge and resources to challenge, discuss, question, and hold our government accountable for their actions. We want to help you get involved in calling your communities to awareness, whether that means joining the Portland SOAW, starting a new work-group in your community or on your campus, or planning a trip to Georgia to see for yourself what this is all about.

Please join us for a community forum and discussion: speak, listen, ponder, stand in solidarity with our Latin American sisters and brothers, as we seek freedom for all voices, and struggle against the systems that hold people down, and lead to war, death, and separation from our human family and the unique experiences and characteristics that can so beautifully bring us together.

***Event sponsored by Portland SOA Watch & the Concordia Peace Club

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