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Reporting from Washington, DC (Martha Perez)

Martha Perez, a General Political Activist, is in Washington, DC at this moment and shares her observations tonight from Capitol Hill, post-State of the Union address.
Hello from Washington, DC!

It's Martha Perez reporting to you from Capitol Hill, where there is a huge police-state presence. I've counted just a handful of people-on-foot, who were brave enough to walk the area surrounding the Capitol tonight where President Bush is expected to give his final State of the Union Address.

I'm with one of the many crowds who have turned out to watch the Address on TV (no one is permitted to enter the grounds of Capitol Hill) and at one point, the crowd booed. There is a sense of anger among viewers in the local DC area. You can cut the tension in the air with a knife. Huge media presence allowed to converge on Capitol Hill, but one cannot enter the area without previous permission. There are bicycle, motorcycle and car police, as well as other, varied security surrounding Capitol Hill at this time. I estimate the perimeter of security around the Capitol to be at least four blocks deep or more. It is very difficult navigating the area; I've been hearing firetrucks, emergency personnel and helicopters looming loudly overhead. Lots of activity that will continue on into the night.

On a separate note, the National Republic Club of Capitol Hill is hosting a State of the Union dinner event at the Capitol Hill Club, feasting on prime rib. There's a huge television for attendees to watch the State of the Union Address.

Respectfully Submitted,
Martha Perez
General Political Activist

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