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Make Washington County MOVE on Sustainability!

After ignoring concerned citizen inquiries for over three months, the Washington County Board of Commissioners is finally looking at a "Washington County Sustainability Plan" to address concerns about our area's addiction to car culture and energy-guzzling lifestyles. Now we need to make sure the "Plan" is a strong one.
In keeping with the County Board's usual position on the urgency of the climate crisis, just completing the "Sustainability Plan" on paper is expected to drag on for several more weeks. This is a deplorable loss of time, but it DOES give us a chance to organize an effort to make the final Plan as strong as possible. If you have a Washington County address, please sign the petition to the Board of Commissioners asking them for a meaningful commitment to emissions-reduction timetables. It will take about three seconds of your time, and we REALLY NEED these signatures! Please sign it at www.thepetitionsite.com/1/cool-washington-county

This Board of Commissioners is firmly commited to dragging their feet on this issue. It will take a lot of pressure to force them to take meaningful action. Let's give it to them!

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