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Regional Demo for GI RIGHTS on 5th Anniversary of War—Saturday, March 22nd, Ft. Lewis

We call for a regional mobilization at the Gates of Ft. Lewis, WA on Saturday, March 22nd, a Demo for GI Rights on the 5th Anniversary of the War.

Ft. Lewis is the 4th largest U.S. Army base and a major platform for the war.

1) Proposal for NW regional demonstration at the gates of Ft. Lewis , WA on Saturday, March 22nd.
2) Coordination of NW 5th anniversary of the War events

1) Regional Mobilization Proposal

Saturday, March 22nd--GI Rights on 5th Anniversary of the Iraq War Demonstration, Ft. Lewis , WA

In Tacoma , a coalition of organizations, have agreed to call a demonstration at the gates of Ft. Lewis in support of GI Rights on the 5th Anniversary of the Iraq War. This coalition includes Iraq Veterans against the War, Veterans for Peace (Tacoma Chapter), Peace Action Coalition Tacoma, United for Peace in Pierce County , Tacoma SDS, Tacoma Catholic Worker, GI Voice, and other organizations.

Ft. Lewis is the 4th largest U.S. Army base, and a major platform of the Iraq War. Soldiers are one of pillars of the war, and as the most militarized county in the NW, we chose to engage in a constructive dialogue with soldiers and military families. This a rare opportunity for the peace movement to speak face-to-face with soldiers, veterans and military families.

After discussion with partners in Olympia , Seattle , Bellingham and Pt. Townsend, it is clear that the call for a regional demonstration at the gates of Ft. Lewis resonates. We would now like to extend the invitation to our regional partners to join us in this vital dialogue with our service men and women.

We invite organizations interesting in winning the peace, to join us in this discussion, rally and march with veterans, soldiers and military families.

Organizational meetings take place every Tuesday, 7 PM the University of Puget Sound Student Center, Murray Boardroom. For further information, contact  pactacoma@yahoo.com or 253-250-9290.

2) Regional Coordination of NW 5th Anniversary of Events

Last year in the Puget Sound area, major demonstrations in the major cities did NOT overlap, which was a good thing. This allowed anti-war activists to attend multiple events, and turned the 4th anniversary into an anti-war multi-day media event. By communicating the regional 5th Anniversary of the War events, we hope to encourage the NW peace community to make this an Anti-war Week of Action around March 19th.

These are the at least tentatively scheduled events with connection to the 5th anniversary that we are aware of:

Saturday, March 15th
Portland, OR—5th Anniversary of the War Event
Tacoma, WA—Counter-recruitment Rally and March at Tacoma Mall

Sunday, March 16th
Seattle, WA—Tentatively scheduled 5th Anniversary Rally and March
Olympia, WA—Rachel Corrie event?

Wednesday, March 19th
Actual date of 5th Anniversary of the Iraq War

Friday, March 21st
Tacoma, WA—Twelve Stations of the Cross demonstration, Tacoma Catholic Worker

Saturday, March 22
Ft. Lewis, WA—GI Rights on 5th Anniversary Demonstration, coalition (see above)

Sunday, March 23—Easter

Olympia Movement for Peace & Justice has not fixed upon a 5th Anniversary event, and may collaborate with Tacoma on the Ft. Lewis event (1/22). Bellingham has not fixed events yet for the 5th Anniversary yet, but is in process of doing so.

Please send updates on regional events to  pactacoma@yahoo.com for future regional calendar emails.