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Senate has "rejected" attempts to rush Wiretap Immunity bill to passage

Passing along some breaking "SPY" news
Pressure is still needed
Call Senator Smith
Tell Him "To Oppose Immunity For Telecoms and 'Respect' the 4th Amendment"
1-202-224-3753 (No Imunity For Wiretapping)
1-202-224-3753 (No Imunity For Wiretapping)
Thanks to your actions, we've been successful in preventing the Senate from passing a wiretapping bill that grants retroactive immunity to AT&T and Verizon.

Just a little while ago, the Senate rejected attempts to rush this bill to passage, keeping alive our campaign to remove the immunity provisions. But while we've won the battle today, what happens later this week will determine whether the Senate will do the bidding of the White House or stand up for the Constitution.


The privacy-invading "Protect America Act" expires on February 1st. In coming days, the Senate will debate a series of amendments to the wiretapping legislation -- some good, some bad, but all of them vitally important when it comes to preserving our Constitution and upholding the rule of law. Here's what you can do.

My Senators (Gordon Smith) has been identified as a swing vote on telecoms immunity.
I have been reminded time is short. this is being posted on Jan 28 at 5:15pm

We all must call to make our voice's heard.
Please make a call to them today.

::: You can simply say :::
Please oppose retroactive immunity for AT&T and Verizon, sweeping new powers for the Bush administration, and any new legislation that violates the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Oregon -- Gordon Smith, 1-202-224-3753
From my experience you usually get voicemail after 5:00 pm
When I just called moments ago I did get voicemail (I pressed 1 to leave a message)(then I pressed 2 to make my message "urgent")
It was easy to do ...and it is a great way to be (some what) involved in our Governments decision making
If you and I don't do this .... who will??
Answer: "no one will" .....so .... please make the call, ask for the 4th amendment to be protected


Tonight, if you watch Bush-n-Company in his last State of the Union speech, be prepared to hear the fruits of your labors described as helping the terrorists

but wait .... "he ...is the terrorist!"

homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com

Made the call... 28.Jan.2008 21:26

Pravda or Consequences

even if we think it was a waste of time and the government is hopelessly corrupt, they need to know we still exist and the whole world is watching.