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Briana Waters Pretrial Tomorrow!

Briana Waters Pretrial Conference Hearing is 1/29 at 9AM
Briana Waters Pretrial Conference Hearing is 9 AM tomorrow. Please come bear witness to this process. The judge starts a prompt court and will start at 9am sharp. Please come dressed and act appropriate for the court. The Tacoma Federal Courthouse is located at 1717 Pacific Ave near downtown Tacoma. Carpools will leave Olympia at 7:35 AM from the Grocery Outlet parking lot on the westside. Briana Waters was indicted in 2006 for the UW Center for Urban Horticulture arson that took place in 2001. Briana Waters is maintaining her innocence and her trial is to start February 11, 2008, in Tacoma, WA. This is part of the green scare. Refer to the "Green Scare" page for more information. It is important that our community bears witness to this process. Much of the information in the trial will pertain to the our community and our civil liberties. This will be a precedent setting case for our time.