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5 PM "NO WAR" peace march on January 25

Israel Out Of Palestine
End The Occupation
A 4o minute Google video
January 25 2008 Peace March
January 25 2008 Peace March
This is the weekly PPRC 5:00 PM Peace March from Inside Portland Oregon
The citizens meet at Pioneer Square "Our City Living Room" and in this video it is on Friday 1/25
After a speech on "FREE SPEECH" the peace march moves out into our city for around a 30 minute Peace March!

The march stops in front of the Federal building
And we hear a speech about the "injustice going on in the Gaza strip" and the Palestinians being jailed in their own country by being "trapped" inside their own country

There is a "pass the hat" to help our "brothers and sisters in Gaza and the peace activists on the frontlines trying to make change

This is peace march for "No War"

See you next Friday

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