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Akha: US Ambassador to Thailand Sex Scandal

This is a breaking story with documentation popping up and being deleted off the internet. We continue to watch this story as it confirms our suspicions about what is going on in Thailand and the cozy relationship between agencies and certain missions in Thailand that have wide blessing of the US Embassy but are busy removing Akha children.
Ralph L. Boyce recently stepped down as US Ambassador to Thailand (dec. 2007) and it is stated that he was implicated in a sex paedophile ring in Thailand that included up to the CIA people in that country.

Here are links where the story can be found among other places:
 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ralph_L._Boyce Check archive of changes

Particularly this one:

Was something here according to Google on dailykos.com but we couldn't find it among all the rambling on Hastert.

We think that this is a very significant story and that it bears watching and researching of articles as they become available.

Sources who spoke on anonyminity in the past stated that the US Embassy was involved in the trafficking of Akha children in north Thailand when we pointed out the wide access mission people had in the country and what appeared to be a cozy relationship between the missions and the US Consulate in Chiangmai and the US Embassy in Bangkok, not to mention all the goings on during the vietnam war when missions made use of their close ties to ethnic groups and drug trafficking.

When we reported direct cases of Akha boys being raped by mission directors in north Thailand, the US Embassy had very little interest and only referred us to lame local ngo's who were useless in these cases. Trafcor being one of them.

When we stated to Darkhorse Comics that people like Sompop Jantraka were involved in very shady dealing in northern Thailand where they had gathered many Akha children at DEP, people at Darkhorse said we were obscene for suggesting it.

Recently Rotary International from Lake Oswego was forced to drop an expensive project helping abandoned Akha children who were not abandoned, at CGT mission in Thailand. They had invested tens of thousands of dollars to this fraud named David Stevenson. Currently other Oregonians like the wealthy micro Biologist Richard P. Haugland have set up homes in Chiangra, Starfish Country Home, where Akha girls are taken from their parents at a very young age, 3 and 4 and placed in Mr. Haugland's care. Very odd in deed. Micro Biologist interested in genetics to taking Akha girls half way around the world.

We will continue to post all the articles we can on this subject as well as at  http://www.akha.org

"Following his tour as ambassador, Boyce left the foreign service, early, before his scheuled retirement, amid rumors that he was a figure in the international traffic in women and children and that he planned to resume lobbying in Thailand for American alcohol, tobacco and pharmaceutical interests. "

homepage: homepage: http://www.akha.org

Boyce is very dirty...think Bali bombing cover-up 26.Jan.2008 17:41


I am also a WMR member, and we might want to share some of his older pieces with IM readers, to shine more light on the developing story. Here is a biggie~~

December 7-9, 2007 -- New Australian documentary on Bali bombing

A new Australian documentary features the complicity of then-US ambassador to Indonesia Ralph "Skip" Boyce in the Bali bombings in 2002. WMR was investigating Boyce, now ambassador to Thailand, for his involvement in the cover-up of the role of US diplomats in Southeast Asia, including Thailand, in providing children for sexual trysts with visiting U.S. officials, including Republican members of Congress. It was Boyce who helped arrange for John Mark Karr's hasty retreat from Bangkok to the United States after Karr's arrest.

The diplo-pedo cover-up includes current Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte, who has a major conflict of interest in the misuse of orphanages in the region for purposes of sex between Western VIPs and minors.