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a movie and a need for community

Wake the FUCK Up Cascadians! (and by the way I think many of you are now waking up)

Almost all of this movie I have seen in other movies such as Loose Change and so forth, but this puts several ideas together in I think a pretty good way. I would STRONGLY recommend watch part 3 which is the most relevant this week and the coming months as the US economy followed by the Japanese and then the European Union economies are gutted before our eyes and the illusionary curtain is removed to show the debt that is left.


Today we are at a point where we can turn all this even as the puppet masters manipulate we can turn their own manipulations against them. I believe that part of the goal of the corporatists is to create huge sell off of property at cheap prices so that their off shore branches (namely in UAE, Kuwait and Bahrain) can buy your property as you go begging in the streets willing to sell your soul and body for food. And eventually they will (via a charismatic savior .. an Obama, a Huckabee, a Hilary or even a Giuliani or who-the-fuck-cares) eventually put the Amero as a "currency of security". Today my syblings of Earth and Water, we can break these fetters, we can cut the cord of servitude, we can snap the chains of debt slavery. We MUST see ourselves as local. We must reach out to the persons near us physically. We MUST buy community. And in this coming together we must secure our lands, food, safety, education and means of inclusive self governance. In unity we can stop the Blackwaters, the CACIs, the DynCorps and even the so called "debt collectors". If we are to have a currency then let it be local and based on local well being of the people and the ecosystem they steward. Now is the time to do away with all ideas of valueless credit and worthless ink stain paper. Join a cooperative. make a neighborhood cooperative. Grow your food in the community. Make community gardens. Support ecologically sustainable transportation like bikes. Create neighborhood militias and neighborhood support networks.


Resist!, Democratize!, Localize!, Free Cascadia!

careful 24.Jan.2008 14:59


This is all well and good, but here in PDX, god forbid you actually try and accomplish anything. Post all you want about community organization, but as soon as you suggest an actual community organization the cries of "Fed!" will be loud enough to wake the dead.
Good luck, my friend.

Start small, very small. 24.Jan.2008 23:28

Exile portlander_in_exile@yahoo.com

Talk to your neighbors first. Talk to people that are on the fence. Educate the people around you.

Most of all, make changes in your own life. Learn life skills that will give you freedom from the system. Learn to grow food, build things and network with other people that have learned other skills.

You will not get people to see the truth through violence, or aggression. Only love for your neighbors, can bring us all together when the New World Order is thrust upon us. Love and compassion for your neighbors, that should be the very core of the Cascadian Movement.