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DNC deputizing store owners

Denver, CO: Police Want To Deputize Denver Business Owners

Wednesday, January 23 2008 @ 08:51 PM PST
Contributed by: Anonymous
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FascismOn Wednesday, February 6 the House Judiciary Committee will consider House Bill 1066, sponsored by State Representative Cory Gardner (R-63). This "Castle Doctrine" legislation would extend self-defense protections beyond the home to include businesses.

Colorado: "Castle Doctrine" Bill to be Heard on Wednesday, February 6!

Friday, January 18, 2008

On Wednesday, February 6 the House Judiciary Committee will
consider House Bill 1066, sponsored by State Representative Cory Gardner (R-63). This "Castle Doctrine" legislation would extend self-defense protections beyond the home to include businesses.

The bill would grant civil and criminal immunity to a business
owner if the business owner used lethal force against anybody who they had reason to believe would be committing a crime in their store. Take this scenario:

You're peacefully protesting the DNC and you go into a local
coffeeshop to get some coffee. Since there are other, more violent protesters in the area, the shopkeeper shoots you and kills you. The shopkeeper gets off scotch free. He can't be sued or put in jail because he had reason to believe you might commit a crime. This is collective punishment. Even if you had planned on shoplifting, should you really be killed for it?

Please contact the members of the House Judiciary Committee
and respectively urge them to stop HB1066. The DNC protesters will have enough to risk with the cops, we don't need a vigilante business-owner militia running around and shooting them. The NRA has asked their Colorado members to call in support of this bill; we must stop them.

House Judiciary Committee:

State Representative Terrance Carroll (D-7), Chairman
(303) 866-2909

State Representative Debbie Stafford (D-40), Vice-Chairman
(303) 866-2944

State Representative Morgan Carroll (D-36)
(303) 866-2942

State Representative Bob Gardner (R-21)
(303) 866-2191

State Representative Cheri Jahn (D-24)
(303) 866-5522

State Representative Andrew Kerr (D-26)
(303) 866-2923

State Representative Steve King (R-54)
(303) 866-3068

State Representative Claire Levy (D-13)
(303) 866-2578

State Representative Rosemary Marshall (D-8)
(303) 866-2959

State Representative Ellen Roberts (R-59)
(303) 866-2914

State Representative Amy Stephens (R-20)
(303) 866-2924

See you at the DNC,

Comrade Ringo Kamens

fuck that 24.Jan.2008 15:54

me again

lethal force shouldn't be used to stop property crimes -- only violent crimes.

No one should be immune from the consequences of their actions 24.Jan.2008 17:23


I think it's beyond bad enough that every time the police kill someone, they can claim they "feared for their life." And no matter how ridiculous the claim, no matter how unreasonable, no matter how incredible, they get away with it. Fouad Kaady was naked and unarmed and burned and in shock, and they shot him to death and made that claim. And they got away with murder. (So far, anyway.)

Kendra James was unarmed and tiny and outweighed and out-gunned, and they shot her and killed her and got away with it.

Jahar Perez was unarmed and strapped in his seat belt, sitting there in his car, and they shot him to death, and then tazed his dead body for FIVE minutes. And they got away with it by claiming they "feared" him.

Do you really want some jackass in a store being able to do the same thing?

I remember a home owner in this city, shooting a 16 year old boy over a fucking glove box. And he got away with it. Should he have? I don't think so.

Or how about this. In Los Angeles, not so long ago, a shop keeper shot and killed an unarmed, teenage girl. The girl was black, the shop keeper was a racist pig. He killed her for, he said, stealing. He had seen a bottle of orange juice sticking out of her back pack. (Some witnesses said she had brought it in with her, but even so, who cares?) He shot her to death over a 99 cent bottle of orange juice. A teenaged girl. Should he be able to claim that he "feared for his life," because of this scary black teenager? You think?

I don't think so. I think this is sick.

If such a bill can pass, I say we pass a counter bill that says we have the right to shoot and kill cops who make us "fear for our lives," and politicians who force us into wars that cause us to fear for our lives, and everyone else's.

what?? 24.Jan.2008 17:39

real bill?

is this actually the wording of the bill- that a shop owner (what about an employee of the shop?) may use LETHAL FORCE against PROPERTY CRIMES? I have never known a law that said a homeowner could do that....
one thing missing from people's reactions, if this is the real wording of the bill, are the words "martial law"- isn't that where They do whatever the fuck they want and kill anyone who tried to stop them?

NRA provocateurs 24.Jan.2008 20:40


NRA is a controlled opposition organization. NRA supported the "Veterans Disarmament Act." Now NRA wants to allow shopkeepers to use lethal force on suspicion of a crime against property! Sounds like the Cheney school of gun safety.

Although I am not a member or gun owner, Gun Owners of America stands on Constitutional principle.  http://www.gunowners.org/