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During a speech in 1967, Rev. Martin Luther King used these words,

"A time comes when silence is betrayal."

We have been betrayed not just by Rep. Blumenauer, (3rd) but by the entire Oregon Delegation. My voice in the House of Representatives is Rep. Blumenauer and I protest against his position on accountability/impeachment but it does include all the others.

Rep. Darlene Hooley, (5th) says it is up to the leadership to bring about impeachment. Wrong!

Rep. Peter DeFazio, (4th) says no crimes have been committed, Wrong!

Sen. Wyden, says it is up to the House to speak about impeachment, Wrong!

Rep. Brian Baird says we are winning the war in Iraq, Wrong!

Sen. Smith says we must end this madness but keeps supporting the President and just lies.

Rep. David Wu (1st) called for impeachment before he voted against it.

Rep. Greg Walden (2nd), just loves Cheney and bush.

Rep. Earl Blumenauer says he is too busy for accountability and/or impeachment. All these servants of the people have betrayed us.

We will be back in front of our Congressman's office tomorrow from high noon until about 2:00 PM because it must be done---in our name, in the names of all the dead and dying that this government has brought upon us all. We must because someday, somewhere we will have to answer the question, Did you try to stop the madness of the Bush administration?

So once again I call on you constituents of the Earlman, come let him know that we think he is not honoring his oath of office and has betrayed all of us in the most basic ways---peace---morality---accountability---honesty---Justice.

When: Every Thursday at high noon
Where: 729 Oregon St.

Come by and let his staff know that we demand impeachment and accountability for the criminals in the White House.

Marilyn and I went to court today and pleaded not guilty. Our court date for trial is on St. Pat's Day---March 17 at 2 PM. This was for the "Christmas Peace on Earth" demonstration in front of Blumenauer's office on 21 December. We will face a judge and face a fine. I will not accept paying a fine and that should prove interesting if we are fund guilty. The Peacemakers go to jail; Cheney and bush get breakfast in bed.

Joe Walsh-Lone-Vet
Portland, Oregon

homepage: homepage: http://www.impeach-nw.com