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Now cougars are the target

Cougar slaughter in Southern Oregon being fought.
Two more cougars were killed in Southern Oregon on Sunday bringing the total for the current 'culling' to fifty-nine. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife hired federal Wildlife Services agents to kill up to 66 cougars in three target areas. Now wildlife advocates, one of which is Big Wild Life ( http://bigwildlife.weebly.com/index.html) are suing to put a stop to the slaughter. The suit claims Wildlife Services violated federal law by not fully examining all the potential adverse environmental impacts and alternative actions before accepting the ODFW contract. Facts concerning the cougar population were altered to placate landowners who are not happy about having wild animals (native wild animals) at large on their land. A 2006 study published in the Journal of Wildlife Management says that cougar populations in the Pacific Northwest are declining. We need to stop killing all of our wild animals such as cougar and SEA LIONS.

Brian Vincent, spokesman for the Williams-based group Big Wildlife, a co-plaintiff, said having Wildlife Services kill cougars to ease livestock losses is asking "the state and the federal government to do nanny care" for ranchers. He said that one solution would be for ranchers not to leave their stock out in fields at night.

I am just sick and tired of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife authorizing slaughter of all of our beautiful wild creatures.

KILL the ODFW 23.Jan.2008 17:31



These suck-ass lunatics do NOT stand for the rest of us. They do not represent us, and they do not deserve to survive, sucking off our tax drain. Everything they do harms the world we live in. Everything they do kills. They are about death.

Kill the ODFW.

Disgusting 24.Jan.2008 07:55

Den Mark, Vancouver

For some people, everything in Nature is in the way. It's tragic that so many people in power come from the stupid end of the human intelligence bell curve.