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Breaking News - Earth First No LNG action downtown - 2 arrests

I was down at the Northwest Natural building downtown today and witnessed a group of people drag a bunch of old christmas trees out of a vehicle and pile them in front of the Northwest Natural building entrance.
According to the spokesperson who was there it was an Earth First action to protest the proposed LNG pipeline projects in Oregon. A couple people also climbed a couple trees across the street and hung a banner about 30 feet off the ground. Some other people handed out flyers. The police showed up about 5 minutes after the action started. The police officer who was there indicated that people would be left alone and it seemed like the whole thing would be going smoothly. The 2 people who were in the trees hanging the banner came down from the trees and a bit later were arrested. The horse cops showed up and were quite aggressive and endangering people. In my experience, the police often have a hard time not escalating a situation.

Police Profile 22.Jan.2008 16:04

been around

It is my perception that police on horses and motorcycles have a tendancy to act more aggressively. I think certain personalities are attracted to those modes of transportation. I also think the occupation of police officer is attractive to people seeking power over others. This should not be stereotyped into all police officers are this way.

It is more of a profile.


maggot-infested putrescent freddyhead

A bit wacky, but still i'm impressed-Much better than nothing- a REAL deal step towards REAL forest defense. I won't bother you anymore. The curse is lifted........