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Two Arrests Made at NW Natural Office PDX

Today two activists were arrested at a rally protesting NW Natural's investment in new Liquefied Natural Gas(LNG) related pipelines. Activists converged on the NWNasty office with banners and dozens of trees to demand an end to clear-cuts for over 600 miles of proposed pipelines for new fossil fuel development.
Press Release **For Immediate Release**

Nelly Trude
(330) 701-0363 /  info@nwnasty.org

Photo Opportunities: banner-hang; a pile of dozens of trees blockading entryway; rally

NW Natural office targeted by Portland Environmental Activists for Liquefied Natural Gas related Forrest Destruction

Portland forest defense activists are targeting NW Natural for the gas utilities' involvement in Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) related pipelines, which threaten to clear-cut strips of forest throughout Oregon.

Piling dozens of trees on NW Natural's downtown office entryway, activists with Stumptown Earth First! and Cascadia Rising Tide, aim to send a message to the LNG-invested gas company: "There's nothing Green about Clear-cuts, No new pipelines".

"NW Natural claims to be fighting climate change, but all we see is new fossil fuel development projects knocking down trees and destroying rivers," says Paige Crown, a participant in the rally, "its common sense that an important step in fighting climate change is to protect carbon-absorbing trees and forests, not clear-cut them."

The Palomar pipeline, Oregon LNG pipeline and the Pacific Connector, which total over 600 miles of pipe, threaten to cross over 1000s streams, rivers and wetlands and require wide clear-cut construction corridors through public lands, including roadless areas and old growth forests.

After completion of the projects permanent right-of-way will be maintained, which - in the case of heavily forested areas—may create more fuel for wildfires (which represents even greater danger in the event of a pipeline leak). The clearing of trees and brush in these areas may also contribute to erosion, impacting soil viability and water quality.

The Palomar pipeline project, proposed to connect NorthernStar's Bradwood Landing terminal to the Transcanada pipeline, is positioned to snake over Mt. Hood. Mapping available from the Mt. Hood National Forest shows the pipeline would go through Late Successional Reserves for spotted owls and border proposed Wilderness areas.

The Pacific Connector, attached to the Jordan Cove proposal in Coos County demands a 95 ft. clear-cut construction corridor through Rogue River National Forest, Klamath National Forest and Umpqua National Forest.

NW Natural is positioned to own and operate the LNG pipelines and terminals after construction, as stated in NorthernStar's 2006 Security Exchange Commission filings.

Excellent! 22.Jan.2008 13:28

Den Mark, Vancouver

Thank you for a visionary & creative & constructive protest. Blessings!

pics from nwnasty rally 22.Jan.2008 13:54

griffin info@nwnasty.org

everybody was amazing today at the nwnasty rally! here are some pictures of banners, rally support and the trees that blocked the doors of the NWNasty office! mega rad!
banner hanging from trees across the street from nwnasty
banner hanging from trees across the street from nwnasty
rally supporters say NO LNG - stop the clearcuts!
rally supporters say NO LNG - stop the clearcuts!
trees come out to defend themselves blockading the doors of nwnasty
trees come out to defend themselves blockading the doors of nwnasty

the eco-warriors for socio-ecological peace and harmony 22.Jan.2008 15:16

Ecotopian Yeti

everyone one doing this protest should be hailed as heroes

no lng 22.Jan.2008 15:47

nwnatural customer

thank you all for going out to nwnatural to voice your concerns about lng! as a nwnatural customer i feel we should have some say about where the energy that heats our homes come from. we want renewable sources not more fossil fuel infrastructure. we don't want lng! keep up the good work!

arrest updates 22.Jan.2008 16:25

stumptown stumptownef@riseup.net

the two activists that were arrested at the nwnasty rally today have been cited with criminal mischief. they will be released later today and will need aid to pay their legal fees. stumptown ef! will be accepting donations on their behalf.

thank you arrestees! 22.Jan.2008 16:34

another supporter of the cause

good job out there guys! thank you for being willing to put your bodies on the line for something worth fighting for! where would we be without you? good luck with upcoming legal battles and thank you thank you thank you! you are an inspiration!

pics 22.Jan.2008 17:31


argh, none of the pictures work!!! they haven't for a while. what can we do to fix it?

regardless, sounds like a successful protest event. cheers!


maggot-infested putrescent godhead

Thou shalt speak no more evil of Stumptown Earth First! YOU ROCK!!!

action and another policy 22.Jan.2008 22:06


"we want renewable sources not more fossil fuel infrastructure."

Check out combined heat and power forms mentioned in the video and podcast here:


"To introduce this section, energy is perhaps the most politically contentious raw material arrangement for two rationales. First, it is because there is so much money and dependency to be created in energy. Second, it is because none of that centralization or dependency is required. Only massive amounts of political corruption hold it in place as raw material regimes that hold off consumer choices in the interest of achieving consumer clientelism and power in that way...."

There is more energy being made all around you (as below links show) that most ever imagine. Therefore, ideas of "energy running out and making itself costly" is just a corporate advertising--a softening up campaign to bilk consumers of millions and billions of dollars in wasteful investments that are unrequired. Far more "convenient solutions" are around us all the while. The other propoganda campaign so closely connected to the one about "energy running out" is that "energy production is innately polluting"--which is untrue as well.

And technology keeps getting better. The "so 2006"-looking wind turbines in the video below--or the image above just about to take flight--may have just been replaced entirely. Far more quiet, far more efficient, far more bird-and-bat-friendly 'stormblade' turbine ideas have just been invented. Search for that below. In other words, concentrate on thinking about the energy source, instead of fixating on a particular technology used to tap it--since the technology is endlessly improvable.

The Convenient Solution (The Economics of Abundant Renewables vs. Non-Required Unrenewables)
Greenpeace UK
9 min 27 sec

A related presentation is "Decentralised Energy" in the UK Magazine The Ecologist's first podcast for 2008. In that podcast, "Phil England talks about decentralised energy and in particular the inefficiency of current production methods where 60% power generated is lost, and the benefits of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) [mentioned in the video as well above] where heat from generation is used to warm the houses that surround the plant. Click here to download (MP3; 22.5 MB; 24:34 min)

The whole list of different energy choices available may get some inspired for change here:

what we can do 23.Jan.2008 03:30

uh, lower our expectations?

> argh, none of the pictures work!!! they haven't for a while. what can we do to fix it?

the full-size pictures are stored on a different server from the thumbnails; it takes a while to move them around from one box to another, sometimes way longer than today's visitors expect

unlike commercial services and foundation-funded nonprofits that can just buy all the bandwidth, equipment, and skilled person-hours they need, and centrally direct their sites toward top-down goals, indymedia gets by with as little of all of the above as possible, and if it barely works ... then it works, and it's not likely to change much

I got a good laugh from this one 23.Jan.2008 09:35

Working Class Mama

I'm so sorry I missed it(I'm sick with a nasty sinus thing and thought it best to stay in another day). That looks like it was a lot of fun and what a clever action.

lng northwest nasty protest 23.Jan.2008 18:20

tree lover

Thanks to all who are showing the world how little respect nw nasty has for our beautiful and fragile state. Tell everyone you meet that LNG is NOT our future. It's time to stop stealing form the world and to give back to our planet.

Thank you for what you are doing! 03.Feb.2008 21:48

Humboldt Forest Defense humboldtforestdefense@gmail.com

Stay strong in your fight! We support you in your peaceful and non-violent action! Much love and peace, brothers and sisters!