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No not a Recession, a World Depression

Localize! Democratize! Resist! Be the Evergreen Revolution! Be Cascadian!
No we are not headed to a recession and and please correct everyone you know. Hell, call your local TV station and leave them a line. And you should have already started preparing for this. You should be totally forgetting paying back any debt. Forget the fuckin taxes this year or next. Today (all day long while you are not thinking of food) would should be talking with people and networking. Ask everyone "what are you going to do and how can we work together". We need to build a complex network of support. Switch you soon worthless American dollars to something more physical like long term supplies especially things that can be used to generate local organic food. Today is that day to go find that local food cooperative. Today is that day to talk ot the local small farmer and ask "how can we work together to assure our future?" At work you should ask "what can be done to make this job local, sustainable and democratic". Today is the day of the Cascadian Awakening!

Recite this mantra:

Be Local, Be Sustainable, Be Community, Be the Evergreen Revolution and Be Cascadian!

Watch the film The Take this

(in English with Spanish subtitles)  link to video.google.ca

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Recession/Depression 22.Jan.2008 13:20


What's the difference between a recession and a depression? If your freind loses a job, it's a recession. If YOU
lose your job it's a depression.

exactly NXNGRG 22.Jan.2008 13:58

Ecotopian Yeti

agree.. except maybe we could say it this way also:

a Recession is when the Government and the Banks do not want you to know its a Depression, because if you knew it was a Depression then you would not support the elitist organizations in power and be on the streets in arms!

yeah, yeah 23.Jan.2008 16:22


Quit your bickering and start organizing.