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Once again Bush spits in the face of suffering Iraqis

On his tour of the middle east this past week, George W. Bush gave an address to 3000 American soldiers. In his address he again repeated a phrase which angers many Iraqis, even allies of his....
According to the Sunday New York Times (Sunday January 13th 2008), when George W. Bush was at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait this past Saturday (January 12th 2008), he said the following in an address to more than 3000 American soldiers, members of the "Third Army":


"Sometimes it's hard to judge how the Third Army will be talked about by future presidents, when you're in the midst of protecting the country, when you're in the midst of dealing in a dangerous region," he said.

"But I want to tell you what the history will say. The history will say, it was when you were called upon, you served, and the service you rendered was absolutely necessary to defeat an enemy overseas so we do not have to face them here at home."


I hope I wasn't the only one who noticed this. I hope some aide of Mr. Bush will gently take him aside at some point and remind him of a few things he would do well to remember the next time he gives his countrymen a pep talk. Americans surely don't want to see any more of his utterly irresponsible provocations aired all over the middle east on Al Jazeera as they try to extricate themselves from the disaster in Iraq.

Number one, Mr. Bush should probably take care not to say that "here at home" thing when he's speaking IN KUWAIT. Number two, one might ask Mr. Bush if he has ever given any thought to the effect such a statement has on ordinary Iraqis who have had an apocalypse brought upon them by the American invasion and occupation "so we do not have to face them here (or "back") at home."

Even Iraqis who WORK with the Americans in Iraq express outrage at how callous Bush is when he says such a thing. It is like saying to Iraqis, we brought you this perpetual horror so that we wouldn't have to deal with it, so it wouldn't disrupt OUR daily life. We turned your country, which had nothing to do with the attacks on ours, into a terrorist magnet, and said "Bring It On" to everyone in the world who wanted to fight with us, and yeah, we're proud we invited them to fight us... where? Yeah, that's right, on YOUR turf. In YOUR neighborhoods. We're gonna kick down your doors, terrify your children, catch your family in the crossfire and shoot you at checkpoints, drop bombs on your houses because there might be a "suspect" there, and we're going to make you pick a side (who do you want to torture you, us or them?)..and Why?.. Because we can. Because we felt like it.

Somebody please tell Bush to cut it out. Stop picking fights. We're all sick of it.

There is a reason for the swagger. 21.Jan.2008 19:02

Lazy Faire

Really good points.
Except for this:
The anger that is stimulated by contemptuous words or actions, or by torture, war, mutilation and murder, are of little concern to the terrorist or counter-insurgent. Likewise the chaos he creates. He does not want to hide his deeds and his evil nature. For only by their being clearly seen will he stimulate the greatest fear in those he seeks to oppress. And fear, not deceit, is his primary weapon.

What do you expect? 22.Jan.2008 00:31


It's a fake war on terror. So why not blame the Iraqis for 9/11? The dummies in this country bought the official story of 9/11. Why not add to the fairy tale? It does contradict Bush's previous statement that "Iraq had nothing to do with September 11th." But hey, only conspiracy theorists worry about abstract ideas like blatant contradictions.