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stand up for your amigos!

Somehow it's become acceptable now to be blatantly racist against hispanic folks. The open racisim doesnt suprise me, and scares me less than the kind racisim festering under the surface when people hide thier feelings. What does scare me is the way people are starting blame Mexicans for everything- and the way our fine government is responding in enacting draconian "anti-immigrant" laws.
I never miss a chance to give people a piece of my mind when they start blaming immigrants for any problems around here.

First of all, Illegal vs Legal means nothing- well- what it means is that all the crap written on the base of the statue of liberty is about opposite of reality. I'd like to change it to. "Give me your Wealthy, as long as their Healthy, and not tired, as long as they promise to trade thier wealth for a money-making, tax paying business as soon as they get here."

A "legal" alien is basically one who can prove he has $250,000. An "Illegal" alien is one who wants to come work and make a living for his family.

Then theres our wonderful health care services, welfare and jails that these folks are supposedly taking advantage of. Excuse me? Most of these folks come from countries where an ordinary person can actually see a doctor and get medical care. Many "Americans" are now going to mexico to get a deal on thier dental work- mail ordering or smuggling perscription drugs from canada, and getting major surgery done in India. In terms of hospitals- the ones I see around here are using my health care dollars primarliy on fat old white people. The jail seems to have a lot of skinny white people.

All the Mexicans I seem to meet are working hard, paying taxes, and social security they will never see any return on, and generally giving a lot more than they take from the world.

Do you want to blame someone? How about these corporations (which don't seem to pay much taxes), have a fancy office somewhere and sell their name to Chinese manufacturing- where they can exploit a captive workforce for cheap. Today I rescued a "Harley Davidson" branded kiddie bicycle from the trash- Made in China. I was suprised to see that Nascar Dads can now get a Snap-on branded drop-light from the hardware store down the street for twenty bucks. I looked over the package for a few minutes before I found the fine print "made in China". These are two names which you would think would be the last ever to sell out like this.

Want to blame someone else? How about our congress that keeps funding the illegal occupation of Iraq. That money mostly goes to sleazy contractors, one way or the other- and people are dying for it, and getting more and more angry at our fine country because of it. Imagine an extra TRILLION dollars that could be used to do good things around the house.

Someone who blames an entire race of people for "all our problems" today will look the other way when they are lined up and shot tomorrow. Someone who learns to respect another race of people today hopefully will stand up for their friends tommorrow.