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arrest at NW 21st & Everett

cop car overkill?
Does anyone have information about the arrest on NW 21st & Everett on Jan 18th appx 415-430 pm? I was on the bus & none of us could figure out why at least 6 cop cars were present. The arrestee seemed to be already in handcuffs with 3 cop cars there & yet another 3 or 4 squad cars showed up...

I saw it too...???? 19.Jan.2008 20:20

the Doubting Thomas

it looked one of the cops was Scott McCollister and only I can for all the
overkill was that he was first on the scene and the other's showed-up ASAP
to try to keep him in check and not wildly shooting like did when he shot
and killed Kendra James. When the PoPo keep the "tarnished" Blues in the
ranks, then all pay for it on into the future with an increased workload
and higher stress-level. this is all I can figure out as to what happen-
ing, as Corporate-infotainment didn't say anything about this incident.

... 19.Jan.2008 21:04


Sounds like a pretty average response from the police here in good ole Portland.

Six cars? Sounds about right.