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The Young Mentor-lone vet report

Can you hear Earl!
Our 25th Week was cold, we walked with our signs and continued to talk to people who came by about our Congressional Representative who seems to think his allegiance to Nancy Pelosi is the reason we sent him to the House of Representatives.

We continue to cry out for the "Earlman" to honor his oath of office and call for impeachment of the lunatics in the White House---we get silence or arrested.

More and more people are beginning to understand that Earl Blumenauer may have been a progressive but today he is just another hack like Steny Hoyer, another friend of Nancy's and one of the most corrupt democrats we have in the leadership of the party of the working class. (At one time)

David Sirota writes about this in Hostile Takeover,

"According to the Roll Call newspaper in late 2005, 'a House Democratic project designed to dip into deep K Street wallets' was entering a new phase, as the second ranking House Democrat, Steny Hoyer (D-MD) convened a meeting 'with roughly 50 business-minded Democratic consultants, lobbyists, and corporate officers to get them to commit to writing checks' to the party. Hoyer even posted an earlier newspaper story on his taxpayer-funded website detailing his intricate plans to collect cash from lobbyists - a clear sign that in Washington, D.C., a corporate shakedown operation is a trophy to be publicly flaunted even during a corruption scandal. Topping it all off was a report that year by the National Journal noting that Hoyer actually had one of his senior legislative staffers in his congressional office serve simultaneously as his political fundraising operation's chief liaison to K Street and the business community." (P-290)

Well, Earl you have made strange friends in your rise to power!

I love to end with a good story. Most of you know I volunteer at "Fish" on Fridays and this is a story that made me smile big time:

A young girl was going to have a birthday party and decide that she did not want presents from her friends; she wanted them to do something special. The day of her party all her friends brought hats, caps and gloves for people in need, they celebrated by sharing with others. The astounding thing about this story is the young girl was celebrating her fourth birthday, four (4) years old. I don't have permission to use her name but this action by this one child made my day, I can continue for another year or so fighting for justice and peace.

Justice will come if we keep the good fight going and not give up because it is too cold or raining. Get your butts in the streets and speak loudly to the power structure and make them behave like our four-year-old hero!

For Justice and Peace
Joe Walsh--Lone Vet
Portland, Oregon

homepage: homepage: http://www.impeach-nw.com

Thanks for that story about the girl 20.Jan.2008 13:39

Jody Paulson

It reminds me that sometimes the act of giving is the greatest gift of all. Which reminds me of this story:  http://carlagolden.blogs.com/carla_goldens_blog/2006/05/heaven_and_hell.html .