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Dos and Donts with your "tax rebate check"

STOP PAYING YOUR CREDIT DEBTS BACK! When tax time comes stop that too. Watch this beast starve!
Dos and Donts with your "tax rebate check"


DO NOT pay those school loans back
DO NOT buy more corporate crap
DO NOT add it to buying a fuckin car
DO NOT buy porn (either get it free online or better
get a companion)
DO NOT use it for a trip
DO NOT use it to pay off medical bills
DO NOT pay back any debt
DO NOT buy a anti Bush joke book nor a "I surivived
the Bush Regime 2009" T-shirt
DO NOT give it to another corporate or any candidate
for this fascist system
DO NOT buy any oil based
DO NOT take classes for some non practical skill
DO NOT buy gold, because you can not eat it, you can
not wear it nor can you use it for fuel (gold just
makes you a target unless you have the power to keep


DO buy into a cooperative that will sustain you when
the collapse happend
DO stock up on non perishable medical supplies
DO buy farmable land with others as a non profit
DO buy organic non GMO seeds
DO reinvest in locally sustainable community
DO invest in a community off the grid energy source
(wind, solar or whatever)
DO use it to buy a basic bike or bike parts
DO invest locally and within the community for long
term independent survival
DO buy guns and ammo

Think about war tax resistance 20.Jan.2008 20:45


DO NOT get any taxes refunds in the first place, because you're still feeding into the system by giving them a loan on yr behalf. Better to claim enough exemptions that you OWE taxes, then politely refuse to pay them with a letter stating you are a war tax resistor. I haven't done my taxes yet, but if I've played my cards right, that's what I'll do. If the government does owe me money, though, I'll just have to up the number of exemptions I have for next year and hope I get it right. If I get a check from them, this year however, I will be putting towards my student loans; after I pay off that debt I'll be completely free, so I feel it's worth it. One good thing to do w/ yr tax rebate check is to donate it to the Common Ground Collective in NOLA. That's one of the causes that the National War Tax Resistors are asking folks to donate to if they choose to become war tax resistors.