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SB 329 - Healthcare for All or insurance company subsidy?

The Oregon Health Fund Board, created by SB 329 in the last legislative session, is moving forward with finding solutions to the lack of access to health care for nearly one in five Oregonians many of whom are children. All the Oregon Health Fund Board meetings are held during the work week making it difficult for working stiffs to attend. However, we can write letters to the board members and let them know what kind of health care system we want. Though the Massachusetts's system of mandatory health insurance has not been a big success the Oregon Health Fund Board is leaning towards that model. We need to let them know that we want a universal single-payer system. Mandatory health insurance means funneling tax-payer monies into for-profit insurance companies. Just say no! We want a not-for-profit system of health care. No shareholders standing between you and your doctor. Speak up now! Otherwise, the solutions they present to the next legislative session you may not be happy with. Here is the link to the Oregon Health Fund Board web site -  http://healthfundboard.oregon.gov.
Dear Health Care Advocates,

Many of you are aware that the Oregon legislature passed SB 329 in June 2007. The Healthy Oregon Act mandates that ALL Oregonians will be covered by health insurance and that an Insurance Exchange will help Oregonians navigate Accountable Health Plans .

Mid-Valley Health Care Advocates propose that it is only fair that a publicly owned, publicly administered, not-for-profit health plan be offered to all Oregonians as one of the Accountable Health Plans.

The proposed Oregon Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) would provide choice of physicians and a broad range of essential and effective health services defined by the Oregon Health Fund Board and the state legislature. Because of its lower administrative expenses, not-for-profit status and commitment to quality, affordable, sustainable health care , we are confident that the scope of benefits and user-friendly services will be superior.

OHIP's primary focus will be on health care, not simply health insurance coverage.

You can help make OHIP a reality by signing the petition to the Oregon Health Fund Board .
MVHCA will present your signature and hundreds of others to the Oregon Health Fund Board on February 19th . Go to  http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/OHIP08/ to sign TODAY and encourage your family, friends, neighbors to do the same now.

In solidarity with ALL Oregonians,

Rich Lague,
Chair, Mid-Valley Health Care Advocates

homepage: homepage: http://www.hcao.org