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Are you a female and a veteran?
Have you gone to the PDX VA?

If so, I would like to know if any of the following has occurred in your medical care.
All responses are confidential and there is no need to give me your name unless you want to do so. No names will be included in my report. You can respond by posting here, you can email me, or send me a letter. This is a patient to investigating patient survey. The intended use is to facilitate safer and more sensitive health care for women vets at the PDX V.A. complex and beyond. Thanks for your participation. If you have any questions feel free to email.

Do you have a preference for female providers generally?

Do you have a preference for female providers in certain exposing situations (such as OGJYN care, colonoscopies, etc)?

Have you ever requested and/or been told that a woman would be performing a procedure only to have a male brought in to observe, assist, or perform the procedure instead?

If so, were you given an explanation for this?
Was this for the purposes of training?
Explain other reasons given?

Were you told this would be the case, or did you find out from reviewing your records?

If you were told, how long prior to the procedure where you told a male would be observing, assisting, or performing the procedure?

Where you expressly (verbally not just asked to sign something) asked if that was "OK" or was it assumed that it would be ok with you?

Was it OK with you?

What sort of procedure?

Have you ever felt uncomfortable with the role of male techs or nurses in your medical care at any time?

Have you ever been told you had, "an all female team" going into a procedure only to find out that was not the case shortly before or sometime after the procedure?

Were the males involved resident trainees, students, techs, or nurses?

Have men ever been brought into your room to teach them some task that required partial or full disrobing without your prior (to the men entering the room) consent?

If you were not comfortable with this did you feel free to tell them so; or did you just go along in spite of discomfort?

Do you find it harder to express a preference for women providers to a male or in the presence of a male provider?

Have you ever suffered unexplained trauma, bruising, bleeding, and pain... after a procedure?
If so what sort of procedure?

Have you ever suspected you may have been assaulted while under anesthesia at the Portland V.A.?
At other V.A. facility?

You may post here, send me an email at  womenvetsurvey@peoplepc.com, or email me for an address to send a letter snail mail.