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Rah-Rah Rag

One more sellout to OHSU hype.
I used to like the Portland Tribune. Besides the free factor, it was one bit of local media that seemed less prone to printing the usual bull* that constantly oozes out of the OHSU animal torture center. Now they too are covered in it.
First, it was the article about how clever Shaun Morrison is for creating a contraption that makes some poor strapped in rat shiver from hypothermia, so Mr. Morrison can make all sorts of earth shattering multi-million tax dollar discoveries about human fevers. Hey, how about paying a feverish human a few thousand for this Shaun?
Now, today's article is about diabolical Gregory Mark who spends his days addicting mice to Methamphetamine. And look--a happy, hyper mouse on his shoulder to prove it is all in good fun. What a happy mouse!
Yes, the Portland Tribune has been lost in the quack-mire of OHSU.
I'm really going to miss reading the monthly sustainable section.

the reality of the situation is 18.Jan.2008 16:34


Truth of the matter is, seldom does anything good ever come out of OHSU.