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Hurley's closing doors, blames protests for lack of bussiness

According to an article in todays Oregonian controversial chef Thomas Hurley is closing doors of his posh restaurant and skipping town. In recent years Thomas Hurley has come under fire by animal activists for continuing to carry foie gras on the menu of his upscale restaurant Hurley's. Hurley blames animal rights protests as being one of the main reasons for his restaurants failure.
This is yet more proof that our actions can have an effect. First the Schumachers, now Hurley's. Who's next?

Link to Oregonian article
 link to www.oregonlive.com

Closing because of protest? 18.Jan.2008 05:34


I think they are closing because the name "Hurley's" is about as good a name as "Puke's" or "Vomit's". Not a great name choice there for a restaurant. And, yes, the thought of eating foie gras makes me wanna HURL.

Protests? 18.Jan.2008 06:00

That is funny

Never saw one, never heard of one in that location. I am really hooked in, or so I thought but I guess I was wrong. Far as I knew, Hurley's was just another overpriced downtown eatery. Never stopped in to try them out, won't really notice now they are gone.

1001 also serves Foie Gras 18.Jan.2008 07:05


Ten01 (or 10 01) restaurant over on NW 10th ave, right behind Powell's, also serves foie gras. They change their menus daily, so it's not always on there, but it appears sporadically. Might want to approach them next....

Even their wait staff is horrified by it.

in Vancouver, WA 18.Jan.2008 09:14


There's a restaurant in Vancouver that has had financial difficulties, located on the east side. They serve this ugly stuff. It is Vesta.

Amen about ten 01 18.Jan.2008 09:16

Tenth and Couch

I have written several times to their email ( info@ten-01.com) regarding this unacceptable item on an otherwise lovely, if extravagant menu, with no response, and no interest. Next time you pass by, just stick your head in, ask if they still carry ruptured goose liver on their menu, in a loud and clear voice. Soon, everyone should understand what this stuff is, and why they should not be eating in an establishment that offers this disgusting stuff.

more facts 19.Jan.2008 20:40

would be interesting

I read about this on another blog as well.

I bet if one looked at the Oregon public records relating to Hurley and his business, it would likely show that he has had more trouble with his creditors, vendors and business partners than with animal rights activists. It's just his way of trying to shift the blame onto others. And who is more vilified by the mass media than activists?

Ironically, much the same thing happened to Schumacher Furs, though it is obvious that the sustained presence was a major, if not THE major, contributing factor to the close of the business. Schumacher also had an internal family rivalry and sh*tty bookkeeping in addition to no sales on Saturday for months.

I think Hurley's is too small a story for the big media to do any real followup or investigation.

I found it ironic that Hurley blamed Portland for being too provincial a city for his epicurean style when Portland is burning hot among people who find haute cuisine important.

... 19.Jan.2008 20:44


Hurley should have called celebrity chef and famous British jerk Jack Ramsay to come and turn his restaurant around.

clarification 19.Jan.2008 21:06

would be interesting

When I wrote above that I read about this on "another blog", I should written "a blog".

I know PDX Indymedia isn't a blog.

Sorry for the error.