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Portland Church Will Celebrate Life Of Martin Luther King, Jr.

NE Church Will Honor MLK on Sun., Jan. 20th
The people of Parkrose Community United Church of Christ will celebrate the life and ministry of The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on Sunday, January 20th during a 10 am worship service. The church is located at NE 105th Ave. and Wygant (just off Sandy).

The service will include readings from Scripture and several of Dr. King's sermons and speeches. Congregants will sing Amazing Grace, written by a former slave trader, and We Shall Overcome, the anthem of the civil rights movement.

"Rev. King's ministry still inspires us today," says The Rev. Chuck Currie, who will preach at the service. "Rev. King was a revolutionary - in the tradition of Jesus himself - who called the world to seek the Kingdom of God. In a time of growing poverty, in a time of war, in a time of continued racial injustice his voice continues to speak to us and if we are to survive this age we ought to listen."

Parkrose Community United Church of Christ was founded in 1913 and for nearly one hundred years has been a cornerstone of the NE Portland community.

homepage: homepage: http://www.parkroseucc.org
phone: phone: 503-253-5457
address: address: 4715 NE 106th Ave., Portland, OR., 97220

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