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Immigrant Rights Groups Calling All Allies

Your presence is needed this coming Tuesday at a hearing on the proposed legal presence requirement to Oregon driver's licenses. You can arrive at noon and sign up to testify- we would love to see hundreds (or thousands) of immigrant allies, from churches, colleges, unions, and unaffiliated folks accompany us on the capitol steps....or see the other option to fax or email your testimony below.
Please visit the CAUSA Oregon website for more about the issue of drivers licenses.
On Tuesday, January 22nd, stand by residents of Oregon who are in
danger of losing their driving privileges due to executive order 7-22.
Immigrant Rights organizations are calling on all of their allies to
come to Salem on Tuesday to participate in a rally from noon until
1pm, and to testify at a legislative hearing which will take place
from 1pm until 4pm.

Public pressure and testimony are needed to stop this new law, which
will deny Oregon residents the right to drive if they are unable to
produce a social security card or proof of legal residence in the
United States.

Last Friday, a historic protest rally was held, with over 3000 Oregon
residents in front of the state capital. Hundreds gathered on the
steps of the Capitol, while three rooms were filled to capacity with
people watching the hearing on closed circuit TV.

This was the first hearing conducted by the Oregon State Senate and
House interim Transportation Committees to discuss the proposed legal
presence requirement to Oregon driver's licenses, which is scheduled
to be implemented on Feb. 4th. The vast majority testifying at the
hearing last Friday were opposed to the new rules.

The new license restrictions come from an executive order signed by
Governor Kulongoski in November, allowing the Oregon Department of
Motor Vehicles to limit documents accepted from immigrants. Currently
under Oregon law, all residents of Oregon, regardless of legal status,
can obtain a driver's license.

Among the testimonies, concerns were raised about the threat to public
safety, once people are denied access to becoming licensed drivers,
and purchasing insurance. People spoke about the barrier the new law
poses to hard working people, since access to a vehicle is necessary
for most people to support their families. Others observed that laws
targeting immigrants have led to economic decline throughout the
country, and urged those in power to avoid the same mistake.

Support your community members, the health of the economy, and safety
on our roads, by coming to the next hearing this Tuesday, January
22nd. Bring 20 copies of your testimony.
Si se puede!

Contact CAUSA for more information: 503-984-6816
Need a ride? PCASC and Oregon Oaxaca Solidarity are working on
putting a carpool together - Call Trillium if you need a ride or can
take people -

Joint hearing of the Senate and House Interim transportation
Committees on proof of legal presence for driver's license applicants

When: This Tuesday, January 22nd