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rigged courts, rigged debates, rigged election (GE NBC, MSNBC can you spell FASCISM)

So fellow Cascadians are you feeling marginalized by the stupid two party dual? Does any Cascadian state get a chance to join in the farce? Even if we got to would it be worth it? Did you know that the non Corporatist party (the Greens) had a debate in California a few days ago? Would you know anything if you were stuck with Corporate media except that Britney lost her child custody. Do you still believe in the System? Thom Hartmann can tell you why you should now vote for a limited corporate choice choice of Hilary, Barack or that other guy. Randi Rhodes can now tell you why the Democrats are still the party of choice after the failure of Pelosi and the undermining of civil liberties. Oh wait there is still the "Green" who we get to see every four years roll out a pathetic attempt to pretent they will fight the System.

You want o fight "it"? The be local, network and disengage the Beast! Fight for Cascadian Independence and take the message to the mouth piece of the Corporatists "We want Freedom!"
So fellow Cascadians are you feeling marginalized by the stupid two party dual? Does any Cascadian state get a chance to join in the farce? Even if we got to would it be worth it? Did you know that the non Corporatist party (the Greens) had a debate in California a few days ago? Would you know anything if you were stuck with Corporate media except that Britney lost her child custody. Do you still believe in the System?

Do you know that General Electric (GE) is heavily invested in both the nuclear industry and in its subsiduary Raytheon into the military industrial complex as well as inthe news-entertainment complex as NBC? Remember that question that Hilary was not asked months ago about Yucca mountain and was instead on MSNBC (owned by GE) was instead asked a question about if she preferred pearls or diamonds? Are you aware that NBC (owned by GE) hosted this last Democratic debate kept Kucinich (the only anti-nuclear industry candidate) out?

So if you are a Green supporter or a Kucinich supporter or even a Ron Paul supporter why support the Amerikan Soda Pop Democracy? Why not say the Hell with this Corporate Fascist fascade of a democracy? And instead support Cascadian Independence?

Some stories in various news agencies to wake up to:

Was Yucca Mountain the Real Reason Kucinich Was Silenced by GE?

We've all heard about the elephant in the room, but how about a mountain? Yucca Mountain to be more specific. The mountain which you may have seen in your visit to Las Vegas, Nevada, is becoming a big part of the national debate.
Why? Yucca Mountain is most notable as the site of the proposed Yucca Mountain Repository, a U.S. Department of Energy terminal storage facility for spent nuclear reactor fuel and other radioactive waste. That has environmental groups worried and the site, which was suppose to open in 1998 to store nuclear waste, and has delayed opening the facility till more tests are done at the site. The site is considered the most studied piece of geology in the world.
So why does this matter? Congressman Dennis Kucinich is the only Presidential contender to have voted against using the proposed site and General Electric, which owns NBC and MSNBC who ran the debate yesterday, didn't want his take on the whole mess that the United States Government is brewing.
John Edwards, stealing a convenient tactic out of his former running mate turned foe John Kerry, has stated that although he voted for the plan he is now against. Thanks, John.
Hillary Clinton continues to vote in favor of Yucca Mountain's funding which has cost the taxpayers of this nation upwards $7 Billion dollars.
What about "Mr Change" Barack Obama? Well, he votes in favor of Yuka Mountain and while doing so is taken major money from backers in political donations.
Hillary Clinton was nice enough to point that out when the elephant was brought up briefly in last night's MSNBC debate.
So, was Kucinich not allowed to debate because he was a "fringe candidate" or was GE just afraid that he would dare speak the truth that will bring in major amounts of money for the corporation and, at the same time, risk the health of millions in the biggest growing metro area in the United States for years to come when the facility starts storing nuclear waste?


Kucinich decries GE-media conspiracy
By Emily Richmond January 15, 2008 5:51 PM

At 5:25 p.m., shortly after the Nevada Supreme Court refused to give Dennis Kucinich a seat at the debate, a small band of his supporters marched to a far corner of a parking lot outside the Cashman Center, where supporters of the three major candidates.
Spectators soon realized that Kucinich was among them. He said:
"The fact of the matter is, NBC is owned by General Electric. General Electric makes power plants. General Electric wants to make sure there is a place to dump the waste."
He was talking about nuclear waste and the now shuttered Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump site northwest of Las Vegas. Kucinich has joined the state of Nevada in opposing the dump. Thus, he said, GE is trying to keep him off the air.
"Now the media has become an issue in this campaign by trying to determine who should be in this debate," he said.
The Cleveland congressman said he will fight for changes to Federal Communications Commission law to ensure that future candidates can participate in debates. "This underlying corruption is something that undermines our democracy. I'm asking you to continue our efforts to stand up and speak."
Kucinich has been allowed to participate in all but one of the Democratic debates. He was barred from the Las Vegas debate by NBC after poor showings in the Iowa and New Hampshire contests.

 link to www.lasvegassun.com

Earnings Preview: General Electric
NBC Owner GE Seen Posting 4th-Quarter Profit of 68 Cents Per Share Amid Writers Strike
January 16, 2008: 01:30 PM EST

NEW YORK (Associated Press) - Industrial, finance and media conglomerate General Electric Co. is scheduled to report its fourth-quarter results Friday. The following is a summary of key developments and analyst commentary for the period ended Dec. 31.
OVERVIEW: The Writers Guild of America went on strike Nov. 5, and has remained on the picket lines for more than two months. The strike is affecting GE's NBC unit, along with the Paramount movie studio, which GE co-owns with Viacom Inc.
On Dec. 24, General Electric's GE Capital financial unit said it will buy most of Merrill Lynch Capital's commercial finance operations.
GE Commercial Aviation Services, an aircraft financing and leasing business that is the world's largest owner of 737 aircraft, ordered 55 jets from Boeing Co. for $4.5 billion in December.
In October, GE Energy said it will sell six gas turbine-generators and related products and services to a French utility for $750 million. In December, it received a contract to sell 333 wind turbines for wind power projects in New York and Texas. The deal is worth about $650 million.
BY THE NUMBERS: On average, analysts reporting to Thomson Financial expect a profit of 68 cents per share on $47.2 billion in revenue.
GE forecast a quarterly profit of 67 cents to 69 cents per share.
ANALYST TAKE: Deutsche Bank analyst Nigel Coe said he expects strong results from GE Industrial, as the infrastructure business should have strong returns and restructuring costs should decrease. Coe also expects revenue to increase 9 percent at NBC Universal, and decrease 4 percent at the health care business.
Coe forecast a profit of 68 cents per share and $47.6 billion in revenue.
WHAT'S AHEAD: GE expects to earn $2.42 per share in 2008, on $195 billion in revenue. In December, Chief Executive Jeffrey Immelt said the industrial economy is in good shape despite weak U.S. consumer spending. Immelt also said backlogs for major infrastructure items are helping GE deal with credit market troubles.
In December, analysts expected GE to earn $2.49 per share for the year.
STOCK PERFORMANCE: Shares started the quarter by reaching a six-year high, but lost 10.5 percent of their value over the next three months. The stock is currently trading near year lows.

 link to money.cnn.com

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