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Deaths from cancer on an epidemic scale in the UK

For many years the people living in North Wales have been aware that their friends, family and neighbours have been dropping like flies with all manner of cancers. The death rate from cancer in North Wales is the highest in Europe.
North Wales has a number of nuclear reactors, Trawsfynydd (no longer operational), Wylfa, Capenhurst (near Chester but close enough, also the heysham power stations 1 and 2, near Morecambe and Lancaster. The reactor shield of one of the stations cracked in 1989, releasing thousands of tons of radioactive sulphur dioxide. The mud up the lune valley is also radioactive from the tidal river that empties (and is filled from) Morecambe Bay and therefore, the Irish sea. Nearby is Sellafield, too. The Irish sea is the most radioactive in the world. This due to discharges from Sellafield mainly.

Successive governments has chosen to cover this up.

There have been studies, see  http://www.llrc.org/health/subtopic/menai2.htm

The latest plans to create more nuclear energy have lead to specualtion that Trawsfynydd will be reopened. How much longer will they allow the people living in these areas to have their lives ended, or ruined, by the effects of nuclear energy?

homepage: homepage: http://www.llrc.org/health/subtopic/menai2.htm