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Air America plays loving interview with the Director of the Minutemen

his show airs from 12 until 3pm on the local air america station.
I think that ed Schultz has gone way over the line here, by interviewing this guy again. Schultz defends the director of the minutemen, saying that he is not a "racist", but "a hard liner" (a real meat eating man!).

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Ed Shultz's show is not local, but I think the local station should be encouraged to air something else.

Ed Schultz 17.Jan.2008 18:40

Rocky Slope

is not an Air America Radio host. His show is on KPOJ but not all of the programming on that station is AAR. Mike Malloy, who is on at night also is not an Air America host. That said, I have never been a fan of the Schultz's show. I think KPOJ should be called "Democrat" talk radio and not "progressive" talk radio...but I like Malloy's show.

And I 17.Jan.2008 18:47

Rocky Slope

have encouraged KPOJ on numerous occasions (in writing) to replace Schultz with someone else but there must be enough people that listen to him. I stopped a while back (listened for the guests and not the Schultz intellect). I don't understand the appeal. The KPOJ people have thanked me for my input but I guess it would take a lot of other people writing or calling to demand a change before the KPOJ people will start thinking about making one. Schultz must be doing at least fairly well in the ratings, unfortunately.