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While perusing these images inspiring my next rave, i was struck by a most wondrous idea- Let the pictures do the talking................
Got a little time for an eye-opening virtual tour of (what's left of) the Old Forest? From firefox, goto Google "maps". Now, close in on McKenzie Bridge, Oregon, go a little more east, then north on 126, then switch over to satellite imagery. Zoom in. Meander around (without even breaking a sweat). This is what happens when a corporate-controlled government is turned loose upon then set against its own people and their land. See the pretty dark green farther to the East? That's the ancient magic of the Mt. Washington Wilderness. If we don't develop some REAL resistance to the bastards soon, it's next.

Holy Shit! 17.Jan.2008 16:45


worth more than a million words...ARRRGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why not just link to it? 20.Jan.2008 12:10


That's more 2008. I imagine the trees were killed to build multimillion dollar mansions for white men. Instead of something productive like burning the corpses of dead cops.

 link to maps.google.com

muchas gracias 20.Jan.2008 14:34


Thanks, asymptote. I'm a troglodyte illiterate when it cums to these things........By the way, what does asymptote MEAN?