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9.11 investigation

Japan Parliament - Yukihisa Fujita Questions War on Terror, 9-11

Less than a week ago, the Japanese Parliament (The Diet) - and news media - received Councillor Yukihisa Fujita's lengthy presentation on the attacks of September 11, 2001... from the viewpoint often attributed to "conspiracy theorists." Although Prime Minister Fukuda granted no affirmation of Fujita's suspicions, a loud political voice for 9-11 Truth did speak.
This isn't totally surprising, considering Japanese network TV aired critical 9-11 investigation on 9-11-2004. Asahi TV - one of Japan's largest networks - aired a 90-minute special "Seven Questions About 9-11."

To watch the subtitled videos from the Japanese Parliament, see this article at globalresearch.ca:

Main Opposition Party Questions 9-11 in Parliament

Also 911blogger:

Transcript of Japanese Member of Parliament

Here are the points of interest, where poster sized visual aides helped Fujita, (for those newbies out there):

1. Pentagon strike
a. Hole too small and deep for Boeing passenger jet airliner. Missing wreckage and bodies.
b. Airplane maneuver, according to pilots: near impossible.
c. Simply put, as when the war game for flying a hijacked plane into the Pentagon was first decided against by top Pentagon staff, "too unrealistic."

2. WTC7 Ignored by Governmental 9-11 Commission
a. Undeniable signs of controlled demolition, as photos show.

3. WTC Twin Towers - Evidence for Demolition
a. Photo of firefighters shown discussing the explosions, demolition similarities.
b. Photo of "collapsing" WTC tower, ejecting material.
c. Vanishing black boxes of airliners.

et. al.

Here are the links for the videos on YouTube:


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