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Courts, Protest--Lone Vet Report

update and news
Hi all, 1/16/08

Today Sara appeared before community court and asked for a two-week continuance due to the need to consult with her lawyer. I will appear next week and will request the same delay pending a decision of how to plea. We hope to have all three of us sit down with the Lawyers Guild and come up with a plan. We were in court, Sara had her red impeachment shirt on and I had the Constitution on a chain hanging from my neck. This caused many looks and some inquiries of why we were there this day. This is just the beginning of the process that may go for some time. I will keep you all informed of what and how we are doing.

We will be back at the Earlman's office tomorrow at high noon to see if he has changed his mind on living up to his oath of office. We are going to have a rain free day, so come one come all to walk the walk and lots of laughing about the man who calls himself a progressive--Ha!

Thom Hartmann, on his national show, has suggested that we lower the volume and try to convince our Oregon Delegation to sign onto hearings to find out if Cheney has committed crimes against our Constitution and/or humanity. When I first heard this, I was taken a-back, but then I thought about it and it sounded better. Therefore, I have this challenge to Mr. Hartmann and Rep. Blumenauer----Call for hearings, with all the authority of impeachment hearings and our protest would be over. I would celebrate, take up a collection and buy a dozen roses for Blumenauer's staff. This is what Rep. Wexler is calling for, hearings by the Judiciary Committee.

So, when Rep. Blumenauer calls in to KPOJ, will they ask him to sign on to Congressman Wexler's call for hearings? If he refuses to do that, then this idea is just a dream of Thom's and we need action not dreams.

We have a celebration to go to on Saturday; the Grannies are holding a party and fundraiser to offset some of the bills that are mounting. So, come and have a good time, bring some loot and tell them they are very special people who we honor and DONATE. For all the info go to:


And we continue.

For Justice and Peace,
Joe Walsh-Lone Vet

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