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"Innovate or Die" - [youtube.com]

Pretty cool, check it out. Lots of potential ideas from these ideas.



this is just sad 16.Jan.2008 21:18

cry baby

hey, cool! nothing, no information here at ALL, just links to youtube! "indymedia"!

Thanks for these EXCELLENT "youtube links" 17.Jan.2008 16:00

Cry Mea River

cry baby either didn't watch these or is an OIL using advocate

why anyone would waste their time trying to discourage people from being eco / sustainable / oil free ?

Thanks for the cool ideas
Act  Locally
Act Locally

oh this had something to do with ecology, sustainability, or oil? 18.Jan.2008 05:44

pravda thanks himself

guess what, most people are not going to watch random youtube videos just in case they might be good, 'cause some random fuckin' fool posts them to indymedia with no fuckin' explanation

Since you asked... 19.Jan.2008 04:43

Joe Anybody

I think your wrong

I watched the videos and understood everything pravda passed along ?

But your critique

I wonder who is being foolish


Small, portable, and dependable - perfect for emergencies, power failures, remote locations, and off-grid applications.
Charge 12 volt batteries; run small appliances.
Incorporate into your existing 12 volt system or plug your 120 volt appliance into the Portable Power Pack outlet and start pedaling.
The average person can expect to produce about 150 watts continously with the Human Power Trainer. The Human Power Generator can produce about 65 watts continously when pedaled and about 40 watts when handcranks are used
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