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"White House Fights Ruling Limiting Navy's Use of Sonar"[www.washingtonpost.com]...

Follow-up to an earlier report on IndyMedia. Segments of the neocons' response to the courts protecting whales.
"...In a court filing yesterday, government attorneys said President Bush had determined that allowing the use of mid-frequency sonar in on-going exercises off southern California was "essential to national security" and of 'paramount interest to the United States.'

Based on those conclusions, the documents said, Bush issued the order exempting the Navy from provisions of the Coastal Zone Management Act, and the White House Council on Environmental Quality granted an exemption to the National Environmental Protection Act..."

Yeah somehow the Chinese are just waiting for the right time to invade via submarines. GW has yet to explain why the Chinese want to invade. Small detail.

"...The exemptions were immediately challenged by the environmental group that had sued the Navy and by the California Coastal Commission, a state agency that ruled last year that the Navy's plans to protect marine mammals were too limited and deeply flawed.

'There is absolutely no justification for this,' Commissioner Sara Wan said in a statement. "Both the court and the Coastal Commission have said that the Navy can carry out its mission as well as protect the whales..."

As a pathetic reaction to the courts, "...Navy officials have argued that they must step up sonar training because a new generation of "quiet" submarines has made it increasingly difficult to detect underwater intruders. The Navy says more than 40 nations now have relatively inexpensive diesel-powered submarines, which cannot be detected with passive sonar and can only be located with sonar that emits the loud blasts of sound."

Again, who is attacking us by a submarine, Iran? Wars are very expensive and unless victory is assured, it is impossible to defend unless one is being attacked. And the principle countries doing the attacking with complex and expensive assets on a national scale is Israel and the U.S.

We are creating war not defending peace.

Careless - "I'm The Decider" - Whale Hater 16.Jan.2008 12:00

Ben Waiting

More warmongering
More violations
There is no end to this reckless administrations above-the-law <sic>actions
All based on FAKE Terror and for the benefit of Military profits and Neocon Power


UPDATE 2-5-08 Military looses in Court 05.Feb.2008 17:06

Joe Anybody / Ben Waiting iam@joe-anybody.com

The following is an e-mail Alert I recieved from : Natural Resources Defense Council ...on 2/5/08

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Your generous support got us back to federal court, where we'vescored another big victory for whales -- this time over thePresident of the United States! Last night, a federal judge struck down a waiver issued by theWhite House that would have exempted the U.S. Navy from obeyinga key environmental law during sonar training exercises thatendanger whales.

In doing so, the court affirmed the bedrock principle that we doNOT live under an imperial presidency. Both the White House andthe military must obey and uphold our environmental laws.

Here's a great segment about our victory from today's "MorningEdition" on National Public Radio: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=18689650 President Bush's waiver was a last-ditch attempt to let the Navyunleash an onslaught of military sonar off the coast of southernCalifornia -- home to five endangered species of whales --without taking precautions to protect marine mammals from alethal bombardment of sound.

Last month, the same judge -- U.S. District Judge Florence-MarieCooper -- ordered the Navy to put safeguards in place during thesonar maneuvers in order to protect marine mammals from needlessinjury and death. Shortly after that ruling, President Bushissued his "emergency" waiver, attempting to override thecourt's order. In last night's ruling, Judge Cooper called the Navy's so-calledemergency "a creature of its own making," and reaffirmed thatthe military can train effectively without needlessly harmingwhales.

The Navy's maneuvers would take place near the Channel Islands-- one of the world's most sensitive marine environments. TheNavy itself estimates that the booming sonar would harass orharm marine mammals some 170,000 times -- and cause permanentinjury in more than 400 cases.

The far-reaching precautions imposed on the Navy by Judge Cooperinclude a ban on mid-frequency sonar within 12 miles of theCalifornia coast -- a zone that is heavily used by migratingwhales and dolphins -- and between the Channel Islands.

Make no mistake: we must be fully prepared to keep fighting forthose humane restrictions -- especially if the White House orNavy appeals this decision to a higher court.

Your support and activism have taken us this far. I know youwill continue standing with us in the courtroom battles ahead --until that day when whales no longer need to die for the sake ofmilitary practice.

Sincerely, Frances Beinecke President Natural Resources Defense Council