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Amazing. Bush's FBI Attempts Justification

Rarely do we get to see a fascist, terrorist regime attempt to justify its outrageous behavior and its equally outrageous budgets.

This is amazing. Absolutely amazing!

The Bush regime came out with a "report" about what it thinks "terrorism"
was over the years of 2002 through 2005 and it's a profoundly informative
and telling document. What's ironic is that it's an _official_ document
by the fascist regime, one they _intended_ to have released in to the
every-more-aware public, not something that was leaked by whistleblowing
insiders who actually take their jobs to protect Americans seriously.

The intent of the document is to justify the Bush regime's crimes against
American citizens under the guies of "fighting errorism" however if you
step through this thing you'll find that a tally of the claims that the
regime makes shows that roughly ONE THIRD of the unevidenced claims could
conceivably be considered to be "acts of terrorism" or "planned terrorism."

Justification of the regime's crimes against us is closely related to the
justification and excuses of this regime's BUDGETS. This regime's FBI's
budgets skyrocketed under the fiction that money was needed to protect
American citizens from vague, illdefined, non-existant "terrorists" -- and
of course even before the Bush regime law enforcement experts outside of
the FBI have long noted that the FBI's personnel, budgets,a nd equipment
could be cut to roughly one third of what it actually is and still effect
the agency's charter without ANY ADVERSE IMPACT in the agency's ability
to fight crime.

This document is something one would expect to see come from the
typewriters of the Third Reigh of from Stalin's Soviet Union. The document
and its claims have all of the credibility -- and often the laghable and
obvious falsehoods -- that the old Pravda used to carry, and for the same
exact reasons.

If you haven't fully encountered this fascist regime's official
justifications for some of its crimes against humanity and its treason
against America, this document is a good place to start. It's some 80
sheets long if printed to paper but it's probably worth at least a

Foremost in this fascist regime's civil, Constitutional, and Human
Rights abuses are "thought crimes" for which the regime assigned the
label "terrorism." Among some of these gross violations of American's
basic rights are spewers of right-wing extremist hatred -- which lends
another layer of ironic flavor to the document -- which this regime
frequently has gone after just like the old COINTEL PRO activities
that the Church Committee supposedly put a stop to.

Some of the right-wing extremist groups that employ hate speech are
groups that nearly all Americans find disgusting however their activities
of speech are putatively protected rights in the OLD AMERICA whereas
under this regime -- probably to show that they arrest their own types
and are "being fair" -- thought crimes and speech are some how "terrorism."

Another major aspect of core fascism in this document is the
re-labeling of simple, mundane crimes as "terrorism" or "terrorist
threats" -- such as simple tresspass, minor vandalism, graffitti, CIVIL
DISOBEDIENCE, all the way up to relatively minor and ACTUAL offenses
like arson, petty theft, and using a public address system after noise

What we see in this document is a fascist State claiming that it has
the right to violate every law, every freedom, every liberty, and every
right of all citizens at any time. What we see here is a fascist State
trying to label virtually EVERYTHING "terrorism" so that it can excuse
its treason against us.

homepage: homepage: http://www.fbi.gov/publications/terror/terrorism2002_2005.htm