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Computer Security Training

PGP/ Computer Security, SSL, HTPS, Proxys Workshop
PGP/ Computer Security, SSL, HTPS, Proxys Workshop
Food Fight! (SE 12th & Stark)

This is a computer security workshop geared towards all activists that use the
internet and computers in general. A large portion of this workshop will be
going through the step-by-steps of installing and using PGP encryption. It will
be given by two experienced computer-security-geeks, who will be available for
other questions as well.

Please bring your own computer if you are able.
You DO NOT need a computer to come to this workshop.

**Portland Animal Defense League**
PO Box 11883
Portland, OR 97211

when? 10.Jan.2008 23:26

interested party

What date is this workshop taking place?

Monday the 14th. 11.Jan.2008 10:53

food Fight Grocery

The meeting is Monday the 14th of January, 2008.

pc or mac? 13.Jan.2008 01:03


whats the os of choice? mac users welcome?

Change of venue. 13.Jan.2008 16:16

Food Fight Grocery

I'm pretty sure this has been moved to Red and Black, around the corner from us. Pretty sure....