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FOX News Corp Stock Taking a Beating for Slighting Ron Paul

From the 3 day totals it looks like FOX News parent company symbol (NWS) it taking a beating. Will it continue as the Boycott and stock dump continues from the Paul camp.
Topic: Ron Paul
FOX News Corp Stock Taking a Beating for Slighting Ron Paul

by Michael McDonnough
From the look of the 3 day chart on yahoo.com it seems that the NWS stock dump and boycott is having an effect already.

I predict that the numbers will continue in their current downward trend in the days and weeks ahead as the Ron Paul campaign with its huge grass roots engine rolling along will in the end steam roll the parent company of Fox news in stock value with their efforts. This will be in addition to the thousands of faxes, emails, phone calls and other such activist efforts on the part of the grass roots for Ron Paul.

This is fair compensation to Fox in my opinion for their slighting of Ron Paul by not inviting him to the Jan 6th forum sponsored in part by the New Hampshire Republican Party and Fox News.

From what I have read of the boycott effort it will include all advertisers that are currently sponsors of Fox news as well as encouraging the sell off of NWS stock for the forseable furture. The stock was kind of a dog from what I have seen so this is not going to help the situation for certain.

Fox has been most biased and unfair to Ron Paul and that is quite clear. This might be a further lesson for Fox News in what Dr. Paul referenced in that now famous first Fox Republican debate as what the CIA teaches and talks about. Blowback. I think he called that one. I hope that holders of NWS are short calling their holdings at about $18 that would be my bet.

(NWS) Notice the rate this stock link on this page