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Doves and Blood <video> Grannies Shut Recruiter Office Down

12-28- 07
10 am the Grannies are back
Spreading Peace and Non-Violence Activism
A video of the peacemakers who have a message of importance
Doves & Blood - Peace on Earth
Doves & Blood - Peace on Earth
The Seriously Pissed Off Grannies leave paper (bloody) hand-prints and window (washable) paint that says "Peace On Earth" across the front windows

3900 soldiers have died, today the recruiting doors, that send fresh bodies, to occupied lands Bush has invaded, was locked at 10:30am.
The Grannies and Grandpa and supporters there today wanted "Peace on Earth"

The non violent message is here on a 10 minute YouTube video:

homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com/id89.html

One heart warming momnt 30.Dec.2007 06:47

Granny M.

While we were out at the Department of Death, a TriMet bus driver stopped - on Broadway, in the middle of the block, with a bus load of passengers, and opened the bus door - to deliver a message, "I'm a VietNam vet and I want to thank you for what you are doing. Can I shake your hand?"

Magic happens.

Doves - Blood - Veterans <video> 30.Dec.2007 20:19

Joe Anybody

Here is a short video of a veteran who was walking by the Doves and Blood Protest
He gives his pro-war opinion
The Peacemakers gave their anti-war opinion

Here is the link to the YouTube video: