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selection 2008 page created

selection 2008 page created - The selection 2008 page is for all the articles about 2008 elections, candidates, etc.
The selection 2008 page is for all the articles about 2008 elections, candidates, etc. Because this stuff starts to overwhelm the site, especially now that state primaries/caucuses are close, the selection 2008 page has a unique characteristic from other topic type pages. Articles sent to the selection 2008 page will not also show up on the front page newswire. So if you are interested in that stuff, visit the selection 2008 page. Likewise, if you are posting election related articles, please check the selection 2008 checkbox under actions on the publish page.

Here is the link:


and it is also now a link on the left sidebar under special coverage.

thank you! 29.Dec.2007 12:44


thanks for taking the presidential elections stuff off of the front page. it is hard to watch people get sucked into the inactive drama of it all. we have much more important work to do. election coverage these days ranks about at the level of celebrity gossip.

YAY! 29.Dec.2007 14:19


Thanks!!! For those of us who are uninterested in election campaign propaganda, this is great to hear.

ok cool 30.Dec.2007 09:16

Ecotopian Yeti

Well its nice to have a section on the next corporate selection in this Soda-Pop Democracy, but wouldn't this subject go under "election fraud"?

So why not a ... 30.Dec.2007 09:40

Ecotopian Yeti

Out of curiousity .. why not sections like:

American Fascism

mercenary corp (from Blackwater to CACI)

Localism (local economy, state rights issues, local currencies, empowerment of the community and so forth)

Independence Movements (from the Lakota Sioux to Vermont and even Cascadia if we ever get off our asses)

Oddities (from skunk sightings to free oranges or books and various coming events)

a 30.Dec.2007 10:04


would not want the election fraud topic to get all watered down I would guess

reply 30.Dec.2007 10:16

indy geek

Hi Yeti

Generally topics come about because there is a lot of similar content going on the site that is not fitting into an existing topic

American Fascism fits in Corporate Dominance which is essentially the same thing no?
Mercenary Corp the same (plus not enough original content to warrant its own page I think)
Localism has Community Building, Neighborhood News, Sustainability
Independence Movements - not enough original content to make its own page I think
Oddities - there has been discussion in the past of an Misc page, but it would become so chaotic as to be of questionable use and of course more pages means more work and more load on the servers

Dear IndyGeek, 30.Dec.2007 15:37

Granny M.

Wow! What a lot of flack for a minor housekeepping matter...

As a certifiable news junkie, I visit lots of Indy sites regularly and none is better than PDX: readable, useable (most of the time) and a valuable tool for the community - and - of course for our Watchers. Sometimes I wonder how much of the nit-picky, bitchiness has come from The Watchers...

You all are dedicated and beautiful, so just duck the rotten tomatos and keep it up.

Granny M.

Perfect! 31.Dec.2007 18:56


Very glad the sElection page is back!!!