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"THE SOLDIER'S TALE" a film by Portland Director

Sat Dec 29 7:00 PM in the Whitsell Auditorium - a 60 minute film

1219 SW Park Avenue, located in The Portland Art Museum
(No food or drinks allowed in theater)

Director: PENNY ALLEN (2007)
Sat Dec 29 7:00 PM Whitsell Auditorium
1219 SW Park Avenue, located in the lower level of the Portland Art Museum Belluschi building

On a flight to the U.S., former Portland director Penny Allen, now living in Paris, happened to sit next to a traumatized American soldier on leave from Iraq. Horrified by what he had seen and done as a soldier, he shared his stories with her, later sending photos and videos shot by himself and his friends that confirmed the grim realities of the war.

A year later, Allen and the soldier rendezvous back home for a filmed conversation, which supplies the surprising soundtrack for painful images of chaos, destruction and futility. War is hell, but it's exciting and it pays the bills. Instead of leaving the military, he's going back for another tour.

Allen's film, driven by the compulsion to "do something" about the War in Iraq, reflects the reality that life, and death, go on no matter the insanity. (60 min)

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Penny Allen will introduce the film.

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