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Bhutto: "bin Laden dead"

Did she misspeak? Bhutto claims matter-of-factly that Osama bin Laden was murdered.

No good 27.Dec.2007 21:03

havin' her around.

First she's gettin' all righteous about squelching terrorism, and then she goes and lets the dead Osama out of the bag.

Make no mistake about it--the Co. black/op'ed her.

yeah right.... 28.Dec.2007 15:00

Ecotopian Yeti

Bhutto claiming bin Laden killed was by quadruple agent Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh (MI6 agent 007; ISI agent "Mustafa Muhammad Ahmad"; CIA/FBI/Mossad agent "Chaudry Bashir") is just totally ridic......... hey look Britney Spears is shaving another body part while Paris Hilton goes skinny dipping with Tommy Lee from Mötley Crüe. Tommy is going to show Paris what Pamela got in that video. Wait there is a tiger on the loose, there is a tiger on the lose! Hide! Hide! Shutdown your computer and head to the nearest shopping mall to stop the terrorist from winning! Keep shopping!