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"The Baileys" Lone Vet Report

I was so, so wet
The last thing I saw before leaving my apartment was a bottle of Baileys; it was just sitting there, and makes coffee taste great. It was raining and windy, I was going to stand for a few hours outside of Blumenauer's office to let people know we need a real representative. When I closed the door, I thought I heard someone say, do not go--stay here, it is warm and Baileys really tastes great. I closed the door and thought, "I'll be back."

When I got to 729 Oregon street it was really raining, not that drizzle stuff but wind driven rain, the kind that makes your bones say get me out of here. I found out the office was closed for the Holidays, very few people were walking about, I thought of my Baileys.

After setting up my picket sign and trying to smoke a cigarette, people started to show up, wow!
I was impressed; others got themselves out in the rain and wind and said, "What the hell."

After a while, many of the people whom I have spent the last 22 Thursdays with were walking around with their signs and laughing. The idea that we all looked and felt like wet noodles did not slow anyone down. I felt great, but the best was yet to come, I saw young faces coming. Oregon street never looked so good to me, it was as if wind and rain were now friends, I was delighted to see them. There has been a lot of discussion about the old folks and the young doing something together and here we were, Bailey could wait.

I want to thank all who came out in this terrible weather today, the word will be sent to Blumenauer--yes, they were here in the rain, wind and the cold, it only seemed to make them laugh more!

It was a good day to be alive,

For Justice and peace,

Joe Walsh--Lone Vet

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Winter Message 27.Dec.2007 22:22

Joe Anybody

the only problem seen at Blumenauer's was .... there was no change from Earls position

now that you mention it Joe...you should-of brought the Bailey's with ya

the Impeach message was delivered - all things considered it was peaceful and positive -