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on Benazir Bhutto's assassination

some thoughts on Benazir Bhutto's assassination
This morning I had a dream--the premise of the dream was that I was witnessing the production of the worst movie ever made.

The events unfolding in Pakistan are beginning to look like the worst movie ever made. Pakistan, the weak link in the "nuclear club," co-creator of al-Qaeda, (along with the US), and the 3rd most important US ally in "war on terror" (behind Great Britain). And now the early efforts at bringing democracy back to Pakistan have been dealt a severe blow.

A more democratic Pakistan would likely be less of an ally for the US in "war on terror," so as long as there's instability and assassinations there, (which help bolster the rule of the dictator Musharraff) then the country will remain a strong US ally. That's where the "worst movie ever made" comparison comes in, or as John McCain might say, a rerun of the worst movie ever made, (something to that effect).

The killing of Bhutto bears some resemblance to the contract-style killing of the Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya a little over a year ago. Bhutto was 54, Politkovskaya was 48, both were women activists, and there were rumors of state complicity in the murder of Politkovskaya, just as there will be the same rumors surrounding Bhutto's murder. In the case of Bhutto, it's more likely that there was state complicity.

nope 29.Dec.2007 16:33


your analysis is severely misguided.

why do you think you have heard about Bhutto and the other former ruler so much in the last few months?

why do you think the US ADMINISTRATION is calling for elections in pakistan?

the US administration has decided that musharraf is no longer the ruler they want in charge of pakistan, so have thrown their support behind "democracy" and elections in pakistan as a mechanism of getting musharraf out of power.

Bhutto was very pro-free trade and "open markets" as the business press mentioned in their obituaries. could this be the reason she was suddenly known and talked about in the news and by the white house?

Bhutto was the new US favorite for ruling pakistan, that's why you've ever even heard of her.

correction 30.Dec.2007 19:33


correction: North Korea is actually the weak link in the "nuclear club" It has admitted to having a small arsenal of nuclear weapons, much smaller than Pakistan's arsenal.

To j: the US might want to see another Pakistani ruler other than Musharraff in there, but that surely doesn't mean the US is hoping for democracy there. The administration is likely hoping for a "crisis of democracy" which is likely what would have been the result of the January elections.