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Escalate Peace

The Seriously Pissed Off Grannies will be returning to the recruiting center at NE Broadway and 13th this Friday, December 28th at 10 AM. They were just acquitted of charges stemming from an action at this same location on Good Friday of this year.
The message of the action this Friday is "Peace on Earth - Stop the War".
The families of 3,900 fallen soldiers will be observing the holidays with an empty place at the table. The 4 million displaced Iraqi people will find no room at the inn.
The 1 million Iraqi civilian casualties are the ghosts of all Christmasses to come.
It is a grief that will never end.

Join us to help stop this obscenity. Fri. 10 a.m., 13th & NE Broadway.

YOU ROCK!!! 27.Dec.2007 08:37


Granny M.- You (and all your sistren) ROCK!!! It's a shame that us geezers gotta' show the kids how it's done. It's supposed to be the other way 'round. Your inspiration is contagious, and it's going to turn the tide yet, just you wait and see!!!You have my infinite love, respect and well-wishes. See you on The Other Side..........

The Message was Clear 28.Dec.2007 13:38

Joe Anybody

a handful of grannies were there
as well as almost a dozen supporters holding signs

"taped 'red' hand-prints" & "taped white doves" were put onto the windows
"Peace on Earth" & "No War" was written on windows with white "window/washable/paint"

After I left .... (10:45)
police showed up asked some questions (inside recruiter center and outside)
I was told someone else was with the police (attorney?)
I was also informed the policed took a towel and wiped off one window (it came right off)

No Arrests!
Lots of cars honking!

One Viet Nam Vet walked by and said "he disapproved of message but supported [our] free speech"
After talking with him for 5 minutes it seemed like he somewhat wanted (?) to agree but still held his pro-War approval (sic)

Message Delivered "Peacefully" to the NE Recruiting Center
"Peace on Earth - No More 'Recruits' To Use For War"

Video coming to a Portland Indy Media page here soon