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VIDEO FILE: Oregonians Reject Liquefied Natural Gas.

From local organic farmers to third generation fishermen, from small business owners to loggers, over 200 Oregonians gathered in front of Northwest Natural Gas in Portland Oregon on December 12, 2007 to protest Liquefied Natural gas facilities proposed for the Columbia River Estuary by Energy speculators from Texas, New York and California.
Speakers from these, and many more demographics briefly took the bull horn to demand that their Governor, Democrat Ted Kulongoski, weigh in against the establishment of another unsustainable fossil fuel industry. He has not come out against this, and if fact, has been riding the fence on this most important issue.
This concerns all Oregonians, as we could find ourselves investing in another fossil fuel technology with money which could be going to alternative energy research and development.

WHERE IS OUR GOVERNOR Governor Kulongoski's office number is 503-378-3111.

These energy infrastructures situated in Oregon would be used to pipe the natural gas to the lucrative markets in California, who have already refused to situate the facilities in their own state.

This technology has already caused much damage in other parts of the world, where the collection and liquefying of the gas is destroying the environment, species, and native subsistence cultures.

This 24 minute video, posted to Google.com is about 24 minutes in length and the many diverse speakers provide sufficient reasons to refuse this unsustainable technology to be situated anywhere in this country.

Contact web sites for the speakers are included in the video.

VIDEO: Oregonians Reject Liquefied Natural Gas

Audio file of a Russian, Dimitri Lisitsyn, speaking about the damage to Sakhalin Island, Russia:
Dimitri Lisitsyn, MP3

Web site of Russian organization dealing with this issue:
Sakhalin Environment Watch

Besides signs and chants, the protest included two farm tractors on trailers and a horse trailer decked out with signs, which circled the block and made themselves extremely conspicuous during the entire event.

After the speeches the gathering proceeded to march once around the block at Northwest Natural Gas, as a "victory" march. Just prior to the march, the moderator for the event, Brent Foster, of Columbia Riverkeeper announced that the Governor was in town giving a speech on topics related to the protest. So, after the spirited march around the Northwest Natural Gas building, the gathering marched down to the 800th block of SW 6th, chanting their viewpoint in full view and hearing of Christmas shoppers.

"Kulongoski has got to know, LNG has got to go!"

Governor Kulongoski's office number is 503-378-3111.

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Jan 2 in Coquille 29.Dec.2007 21:00

B Roy

Hey All:
There might be a few of us going down to Coquille to witness a terrible decision by the Coos Co. Commission. I'll post more info here as I figure it out.
I can't guarantee that it'll be worthwile to go down there, but the activists in the area are hoping to get a bunch of people to turn out and make it clear that Oregonians - both local to Coos Co. and otherwise - oppose the project. The decision is a done deal. The is more of an event for bearing witness and momentum for changing leadership down there and opposing the project on a state, regional, and federal level.
Okay - Coos Co. folks and their counterparts in Douglas, Jackson, and Klamath Counties need all the help we can provide. More info on the way for Wednesday's protest in Coquille...