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International Anarchist Conspiracy Communique # 0

International Anarchist Conspiracy Communique # 0 (Being A Discourse On The Non-Existence Of The IAC)

Greetings people,


The International Anarchist Conspiracy (IAC) is a fictitious organization. The IAC does not exist in the real world. The IAC only exists in the virtual world known as the internet. The virtual world of the internet is not the real world. The internet is a part of the spectacle controlled by this system, the spectacle which keeps people detached from reality. If people are detached from reality, they cannot understand it well enough to know how to act in it. The function of the fictitious organization known as the IAC is to reveal the wide variety of control mechanisms keeping people shackled to the illusions spawned by those in power. The fictitious organization known as the IAC has attempted to accomplish this in many ways and for many reasons.


It has become clear that a good number of people do not understand that the IAC is not real. This fact has saddened many of us. Many people think in such a hierarchical manner that they simply cannot conceive of a group of free human beings acting together, without leaders, for a common purpose. In numerous places across the US, people have directed comments towards the IAC which indicated to us that they believed the IAC to be real. Why people would think a group claiming to be able to fly on brooms was real, we did not know.

But the answer soon came to us. Because groups of free human beings did in fact carry out actions in the real world, people assumed there must have been an organization behind those actions. People assumed this because they had been misled into thinking that the only way to rebel is by forming an organization. The illusion that one must belong to something before being able to act is a pervasive illusion and proved itself to be very powerful. Why people would think that small, ineffective, hierarchical organizations could threaten the most powerful, hierarchical organization on the planet, we did not know.

Again, the answer soon came to us. Hierarchy is everywhere in this culture. It is what people have grown used to. In their learned helplessness, they believe hierarchy and structure to be the only way. For how could it be different? It is what they have seen all of their lives. Beaten into them at school, at home, on the freeway, on the farms, at the grocery store, in the workplace, in their marriages, in the planning of their futures, in their newspapers, on their screens: Hierarchy. This person is prettier than you are. That person can fire you. This person can order your execution. That person has to be slept with. This person can blow your brains out. This person is better than you are. This person is above you. You are below them.

The fictitious organization known as the IAC is essentially a fascist organization. It described itself as having a highly regimented, hierarchical structure. Various cells all were a part of a grander network that was run out of something called the Black Citadel. While this was the source of amusement to some anarchists, it also reveals something quite disturbing.

The correlations between the IAC and fascism were intentionally created. This was done in order to shed light on how other, "legitimate" organizations were similarly structured. We found such structures inherently destructive and despised them all equally. By pushing their authoritarianism (which is rampant in the "left") to its fullest conclusion, we created the fictitious organization known as the IAC. However, some people could not understand our intentions and began to attack something which was not there. They attacked the IAC in the way they attack every organization which disagrees with their "official" plan. Despite these attacks, various people continued to work on their projects, knowing there was no such thing as the IAC. They knew it was an illusion just like all of the other illusions people feel compelled to cling to.


By wrapping itself in a mythology of spells and sorcery, the fictitious organization known as the IAC set out to destroy the concepts of organization and hierarchy by making a mockery out of itself. To do this, actions were carried out by free human beings in the real world (read: the ONLY world that matters). These actions were witnessed by numerous individuals and were later "claimed" by the IAC. These actions were "claimed" for one reason: to reveal the absurdity of any group "claiming" an action carried out by a diverse collection of human beings. No one can "claim" anything in their name or an organization's name. By "claiming" an action, a group presumes to have been responsible for the action in its entirety. The reality of these situations is always the opposite: everyone is responsible.

Responsibility is scary, however. It is far easier to have one's identity subsumed into the collective identity of an organization. By delegating their responsibility to a leader or a decision making body, people can feel free of ANY responsibility. It is this logic which is responsible for the existence of kings and presidents, Hitler's and Bush's. Because of their ignorance of their own power and abilities, people find someone "above" them and ask the worst question ever uttered on the planet: What do you want me to do? Usually, those who are asked this question use those "below" them for their own ends. Those ends usually involve the person asked maintaining their eminent position in a newly created or preexisting hierarchy.

Countless organizations across the US struggle to change anything within the system and rarely succeed. When they do succeed the system simply adjusts to the new situation and finds another avenue through which it can continue to rape the planet. Many people are frustrated right now. Nothing is working. Every plan and schematic for saving the system has proven useless. The acronym has become a joke.

The fictitious organization known as the IAC claimed to be composed of witches and wizards in order to highlight this joke. Mimicking the tone and style of many different "official" statements from "endorsable" organizations, the IAC released various communiques, call-outs and statements into the internet. In these texts, the IAC revealed itself to be able to use magic and do things with wands. By not taking itself seriously whatsoever, the actions it "claimed" were able to remain free of any rules, restrictions or affiliations. Those who took part in the actions often did not know they were going to be in an "IAC action." They did not know this because the IAC does not exist and thus could not "have" an action to call its own. Because it does not exist, no one can actually claim to be a part of it or to have done anything with it.


There was an effort, however, to communicate anarchist ideas through this endeavor. Ideas and tactics well known to the anarchist subculture (Black Bloc, internal policing, etc.) were elaborated upon. These things were coated in a thin layer of subterfuge, but it was a subterfuge which we found to be painfully obvious and not worth the name. Most anarchists and radicals understood this and were able to take something from the texts that was worthwhile while simultaneously ignoring the subterfuge and seeing it for what it was.

In reality, the subterfuge put out in the virtual world of the internet does not matter. In reality, there were real actions. When anarchists did what they did on the streets or in the shadows, they were not thinking of the IAC. They were thinking of pulling off their actions. No one was working for a far away abstraction. They were working on what was directly before them. Everyone who knew about the true nature of the IAC did not think about it. Those who initially did not know soon got the idea and either laughed or shook their heads.

The actions have been diverse and varied because what we are all fighting is everywhere. There is no single problem. Everything around us is a problem. And so there has been no problem in finding something to attack. Numerous people took part in the actions who did not know each other at all. They worked together because they found themselves surrounded by others who were on the same page. That is all. People came of their own volition and did what they did freely and autonomously. The fictitious organization known as the IAC proved that direct, autonomous action can be EASILY actualized without having any organization whatsoever.

By easily, we mean REALLY FUCKING EASILY!!! Many of us did not get into this by passing through the ranks of the reformists and stateists. A lot of us have been doing whatever we can without anyone telling us how we "should" be doing it. All we did was try. And the results certainly surprised us. We saw how extraordinarily EASY it was to make things happen.

Here is the secret to making things happen: make them happen. Step away from the computer or the screen or the book or the booze or the job for one second. Realize there is a real world out there. Make yourself remember how to act in that real world as a physical being. And then act. The feeling that will flood into you will be enough to make you see how horribly, ridiculously, depressingly EASY IT ALL IS!

Beyond being extremely EASY, actions can be joyous. Not in the feel-good-about-yourself way, but truly joyous. It is possible to have your efforts filled with light and energy rather than be stifling, repetitive and boring. When you have discovered not only what is causing the problems all around you but your own abilities to stop those problems, you will be ready to act. It is not a program or a platform which will make you feel joy in action, It is the action itself which makes you feel joy. The joy in the action and the action itself should be one and the same, without separation or mediation. We have found, in our endeavor, that humor comes with this joy. This humor is an antidote to the repressive formalness haunting the population of this country, a formalness which is just like our enemy's.


In the anarchist subculture, many of our endeavors require the use of a group name. Most anarchists understand that a name means nothing and that forming a "group" is only for the sake of appearances. As was stated above, many people cannot think outside of the confines of hierarchy and structure and it is for these people that anarchists gives themselves names. Most of these anarchist "groups" do not function in the way that other "official" groups function. Most anarchist groups do not worship their own structure as many others do. The worship of structure is what gives rise to blind faith in technology, progress and development.

At some point, we need to finish the job others have started and completely destroy the idea of the "group." It is one of the most dangerous ideas on the planet and as long as it exists, "groups" will be continuously fighting with one another. The fictitious group known as the IAC has attempted to help with this process. Hopefully it has proven useful to those of you out there who have a sense of humor, imagination and creativity. The process of destroying the ideas of leadership, hierarchy and structure is a hard one. Many of us in the US are working towards this goal. To those of us behind this project, it has become clear that not only our own efforts but the efforts of countless others have been successful and show no signs of slowing down.

Organization as it has been known in the US for the past decades is ineffective. During the 1960's and 1970's, our predecessors believed they could use the hierarchical, cellular model of organization against the US government. They fought hard and incessantly (the history of these events has been blacked out by the US government), only to be either wiped out or neutralized by their foe. Their model did not work because they MADE themselves into leaders and considered themselves the vanguard of the revolution. Cellular organization seals a group off from the population around it. Because cellular organization is so tied to military tactics, it lacks the ability to change people's consciousnesses and expends all of its energy regimenting itself and planning its next action. These groups had a hierarchy which was easily seen by the US government and thus easily destroyed or driven into the shadows.

We have been moving away from this model of organization for a long time now. Anarchist organizations should not be organizations. They should be nothing. They should defy all classification and rely only on their own energy and determination. Energy and determination do not need structure in order to be created. Structure destroys energy and determination. By fully freeing ourselves from the shackles of hierarchy and structure, we can not only show people how autonomy and decentralization effectively work but also be able to accomplish concrete things in reality. By doing this, we can be unstoppable. Hierarchy only knows how to fight hierarchy. If our ideas spread on their own without a center, there is nothing for our enemies to destroy but themselves.


The internet, like many things in this civilization, can be used as a tool. But only up to a certain point. We steal and use countless parts of capitalism's refuse. Taking discarded food and redistributing it is no better or worse than using the internet to communicate to one another. None of these tools should become ends in themselves, though. If they become ends in themselves, they become neutralized and are reabsorbed back into the spectacle. As a tool, the IAC used the internet to spread word about future actions. As a tool, the IAC used the internet to communicate things across the world that people already knew. The IAC did these things so that people might more fully realize their own potential and strength. The IAC did NOT do these things so that people could passively watch or read about them and then quickly forget. We recommend that after reading this communique you begin planning SOMETHING!

The communiques, call-outs and other written texts from the IAC are nothing more than propaganda. A comrade once stated that we are all propagandists, whether we like it or not. The most we can do is be honest in our propaganda about our intentions and our beliefs. THIS IS OUR ATTEMPT AT HONESTY. Propaganda has a function, as some of you are probably aware of. But propaganda can quickly become sterile, repetitive and manipulative. Propaganda, if it runs rampant, turns into a control mechanism. It looses the ability to reveal reality to those blinded to it and becomes its own reality. In this way it turns into nothing more than a spectacle of revolt. This is the danger of propaganda. And that is why we instilled a sense of playfulness and a lack of seriousness into the IAC propaganda. In a worst case scenario, the most someone could do is begin to worship something called the Black Citadel. In other words, there was no structure or group for anyone to be duped into joining.

Numerous people have helped shape the nature of the texts and the actions of the IAC. Whatever you have read or seen is the collaborative effort of a wide variety of people. We have taken decentralization as far as we have ever taken it and have demonstrated it to be extremely effective. At its core, decentralization is nothing more than trust in your self and in those around you. As long as we are all on the same page and have accepted each others conclusions freely, there is no need for orders or guidelines. We will all know EXACTLY what we need to do. Fortunately, as we have seen, most of you already do.

We love you.

We shall now retire from this virtual world and step forward into the real. Our efforts to destroy the ideas of hierarchy and structure have been a resounding success and so, from this moment forth, the IAC will no longer exist (the IAC never existed). We thank you for your patience and love and are sure we will meet one day in the bright future that awaits us all. Take care of each other and do not let doubt and despair cloud your mind. The spectacle bombards us with images of doubt and despair every single day. Ignore the spectacle. All that matters is the health and safety of those around you in your towns, in your neighborhoods and in your houses. The real world is ALL that matters. The real world is the only world. Remember how to play in it.


There is one thing that was not a subterfuge: Magic. It is very real. And it is all around you. A myth only has value because of what it reveals about yourself. Once it has stopped being about a god, a myth cannot die. Once the myth has become a part of you, it is immortal.


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