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decrying the commercialization of Christmas

I'm so tired of the commercialization of decrying the commercialization of Christmas!
My Christmas Message

I'm so tired of the commercialization of decrying the commercialization of Christmas!

When I was growing up, we didn't need special issues of Real Simple Magazine or episodes of Oprah to decry the commercialization of Christmas. I bet my entire family could have decried the commercialization of Christmas for less money than they spend on one disapproving segment on the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric about competing neighbors in Boca Raton who each spend $1 million each year on Christmas decorations in their subdivision. In fact, one year when times were slow at dad's law firm, we decried the commercialization of Christmas without spending any money at all!

That's because we understood the true meaning of decrying the commercialization of Christmas. It's about giving, and sharing, and spending time with your loved ones being angry about the CGI baby Jesus in the Wii commercial.

The worst part is that it starts earlier every year. First it was December, then Thanksgiving, then Labor Day. I wouldn't be surprised if we wake up one year soon and we're decrying the commercialization of Christmas on December 26th, before we've even returned the copy of It's a Wonderful Life we bought to decry the commercialization of the previous Christmas!

So take my advice: this year, step back from your over-scheduled, stressful life, and decry the commercialization of Christmas the old fashioned way. You don't need big corporations to do it for you. Just get together with the people you care about the most, and bitch about it like your parents did... and their parents before them. I bet a year from now you'll look back on this as the best decrying the commercialization of Christmas of all.


The Story of Stuff 25.Dec.2007 06:21

Annie Leonard


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YAY JONATHAN! 25.Dec.2007 07:17


Thank you for this posting. If more and more of us have not already made the decision not to be manipulated by corporate interests, let that be our wish for the New Year. Wake up people! Christmas or any holiday is what YOU make it, not what Macy's decides it should be. I am also WEARY of hearing about how crass Christmas has become and yada yada yada. In just my little community, we have had a death, a serious illness and the everyday grinding soul ache of the war and this inhumane administration. Still, we are going to gather during this season and give each other strength and show our love for one another in our own personal ways. We bake the traditional goodies and yes, give gifts, and simply spend time together. Lest I seem to be a Pollyanna here, I confess that parts of my family are what is called "dysfunctional" today. Some of my children are not comfortable with each other...there is always the errant loud uncle and the kid that acts out, but nonetheless, we are all in this together and as we celebrate the holidays, we do somehow tolerate each other. Stop berating folks for trying to find ways to gather strength in this harsh society. Go out and find a way to offer support and stop grousing about what is WRONG with the holidays.